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Adoptive Families

Blogging Guidelines

Whether you’re a new parent or patiently (or not so patiently!) waiting, we welcome bloggers from a wide range of backgrounds. Our bloggers are trusted adoption resources in the community and cover a multitude of topics from fertility issues and blending families to waiting, getting through paperwork, and becoming educated about adoption.

A note on time commitment and payment: Though all of our bloggers are unpaid, we ask that interested writers be able to contribute to the site at least twice a month.

Before applying to be a blogger for AdoptiveFamiliesCircle:

  • Think about how your personal blog would differ from but complement other blogs already on the site. Some of our current bloggers include an adoptive father in a multiracial family, a married lesbian adoptive mother, an adoptive mother of an older child, and a proud new mom of a domestically adopted infant. Many of our bloggers write about international and/or multiracial adoption.
  • To get started, pitch a title and tagline for your potential adoption blog (Ex: Painting the Nursery: The diary of a new mother)—something that is uniquely you and representative of your family and experiences.
  • Write one sample 300-word blog post. Ideally this could also be used as your first post for the site, introducing you and your family to our community. Please be sure to include rich details that give us insights to you and your family dynamics. You can introduce yourself and your partner, your adoptive and/or biological children, or perhaps tell us a bit about what kind of child you're hoping to adopt and how the process has gone so far.
  • Include 10 additional blog post headlines, with one- to two-sentence descriptions for each. This will help demonstrate how easy it will be for you to come up with new ideas, particularly if you’ll be contributing frequently to the site.
  • Please tell us about your familiarity with blogging software and basic HTML. Honest answers please. This helps give us an idea of how much training and help you'll need to get started. We welcome all experience levels.
  • Feel free to include links to your own blog (personal or professional) and details about any other writing experience you have.

Some topics we are currently looking to cover include:

  • adult adoptees' stories
  • gay adoptive parenting
  • middle school and teen years
  • foster adoption
  • adoptive parents of color

A couple of notes on what we’re not looking for:

  • poetry or fiction; we never publish either
  • offensive language; no swearing, no hateful or lewd comments
  • a narrow viewpoint on religion, politics, or other sensitive topics that might alienate some readers; please consider if your post might be specifically exclusive or inclusive of certain lifestyles and/or worldviews

Compensation: Writers of personal blogs we publish will receive a one-year subscription to Adoptive Families magazine. If you're a seasoned reporter interested in covering adoption news stories for AdoptiveFamiliesCircle, payment for reported blogs varies. We're a small publication; our pay rates are scaled accordingly.

Frequency of blogging: We ask that our bloggers contribute a minimum of one blog post per month. Anything more often than that is great!

We will do our best to respond to every submission within six to eight weeks. We cannot assume responsibility to unsolicited material, guarantee receipt, or return submissions. Please send all blogging applications as one attached file (as an .rtf or .doc file or as a PDF) to

Thank you again for your interest in AdoptiveFamiliesCircle!


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