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AdoptiveFamiliesCircle: Member Usage Guidelines

AdoptiveFamiliesCircle is an online community created for all people touched by adoption: parents, hopeful parents, adoptees, birth parents, and adoption professionals. Our community values respect above all else. We insist that all members demonstrate respect for one another when engaging in our discussion groups or commenting on blogs and photos throughout AFC.

When responding to a post in any of the groups, please stay focused on the original poster's specific question. Group discussions are not the place for generalizations about adoption, the adoption industry, other people's adoption agencies, or other members' motivations in adopting or parenting. If you have an opinion you'd like to share on a related topic, please feel free to start a new discussion thread. Our community is designed to allow individuals to reach out to others who have been in situations like their own, and to ask for and offer advice in a warm, supportive environment.

Derogatory or foul language, insults, personal attacks, intimidation, and harassment will not be tolerated. In most cases, we will issue a warning and delete a member only if he or she continues to violate our community guidelines, but we reserve the right to immediately terminate a member's account upon a first violation at our discretion.

Real, engaging dialog is important. But all of our conversations here must be built on respect. This is paramount.

No Spam, Advertisements, or Shameless Self-Promotion

Our members value AdoptiveFamiliesCircle as an authentic place to share real experiences relating to adoption. Plastering the site with spam, advertisements, or other shameless self-promotion violates the trust we've built as a community.

Each comment and action taken on the site is reviewed by our team and is subject to the staff's opinions on what provides real, authentic support and service to fellow members.

You can learn more about advertising with us here, but please do NOT use the groups, photo albums, blogs, or other comment spaces as a place to gain money or Web traffic.

Do not advertise potential adoption opportunities, matches, or digital adoption profile creation or hosting on AFC.

Guidelines on Linking to Other Sites

AdoptiveFamiliesCircle supports adoption writing and blogging, but AFC is not a place for bloggers and writers to build their online audience and blog platform--it is a place to engage in thoughtful discussion.

As such, we invite members who write or blog about adoption to reference topics they've written about to spark discussion in the AFC community. What we will not accept are blatant attempts to drive readers away from AFC--especially spamming AFC members with multiple links to a given blog, blog post, or other Web address. Posts like this will be subject to removal from AFC.

The only exception to this is within the Adoption Bloggers and Writers group. This group was created for you to share your blog or specific posts with other members of the blogging community. You can also ask for blogging tips and advice.

We hope that this policy will help AFC remain an active, educational community for all those involved in adoption.


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