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Adoption Group: Older Parents

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Older Parents

Older Parents

For older parents of children adopted domestically or internationally.

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  • kristenhaberkorn
    Help My Adoption Research!

    Hello adoption friends! My name is Kristen Haberkorn and I am a graduate student and adoptee from the Communication Department at the Wake Forest University. I am writing to invite…

  • Barbara Herel
    Call for Submissions

    Hi all, I received this call for submissions. If interested, please reach out directly to these ladies. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Dottir Press How Old is Too Old? Narratives about Becoming…

  • VintageMom
    Asked to adopt our children's birth sibling... but are we too old?

    I already posted about this in another thread (How Old is Too Old?) but then thought it’s actually a two-part question.  Not only how old is too old, but what connections birth siblings of our adopted children have to our families…  I’d welcome feedback from your own experiences! Here’s our situation:  We already have seven children, three by birth and for by adoption–Ranging in age from 35 to 15.  We had thought our family was complete (except for the grandchildren that are coming along!)...but we have just been asked to consider adopting a six year old, who is our two youngest kids’ birth sister, now in foster care in another state.  We are excited!  But also worry that, having just turned 61 and looking forward to retirement in another for our five years–and to living abroad several months of the year–we are too old!  On the other hand we are healthy, very experienced parents, with room in our hearts and home for this little one.  But we wouldn’t be as active as ww e were when raising or other kids…  And we’d be in our 70s by the time she went off to college… Is it better for the child to grow up with us–in the same family with her birth siblings, even though they will move out in a few years–or with younger parents, but still having some contact to their birth siblings..? I’d love to hear from other parents who have taken on a young one in their fifties and sixties (and seventies)!

  • RedSunRising
    How Old is Too Old?

    I am wondering how old is too old to adopt your first kids, especially if you have no children?

  • CoquatMom
    PhD study, Need Married Moms

    Topic: Perceptions of Competence and Satisfaction in Parenting Eligibility:     1) Married mom who adopted her first child that is now between 5 and 18 years.     2)…

  • equalrighttoparent
    Discrimination in Loans for Adoption / Fertility Services?

    Hello, I am a law student conducting research on discrimination in loans for fertility and adoption services. Discrimination in lending decisions against single/unmarried individuals, LGBTQ folks, older Americans, racial and…

  • CoquatMom
    Research Study

    Please consider participating in a PhD research study on perceptions of competence and satisfaction in parenting.  Eligible participants are married mothers who have an adopted first child that is between…

  • Millie Belle
    I still want to be a mom at 43

    After six years of failed infertility treatment, including two donor embryos, I am back to considering adoption.  I decided to continue with infertility treatment after looking into adoption three years…

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