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Building connections to your child’s culture
Posted: 13 February 2011 11:21 PM   Ignore ]  
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We are constantly looking for new ways to connect to our daughter’s culture and weave it into the fabric of our lives.  I blogged about some of the ways we are exploring in my recent post.
(link also on my profile).  I am very interested to learn what efforts others are undertaking in their families. I have learned so much from sharing experiences through this adoption journey and expect that will continue.

Posted: 26 February 2011 07:04 PM   Ignore ]  
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I write a blog to TRA parents and address this in several blogs.  Check out 3 blogs I wrote on this subject.  Their links are below.

Let me know if this helps

Posted: 20 March 2011 02:17 AM   Ignore ]  
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Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the much delayed response. Thanks for sharing your blogs. This was definitely helpful information!

E grin