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any advice you can give
Posted: 01 June 2010 06:31 PM   Ignore ]  
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me and my dh has decided to adopt after 6 years of trying to get pregnant. we took clomid and femara. yes we could have done injections but we just felt like adoption was right for us. so we have been looking into. but we have to wait until aug to start the paperwork because we will be moving in july and we thought it would be best to wait. just looking for any advice that you can give us.  we are working on the birthparent letter and the adoption profile. and any advice about those would be great. and other info you would like to share would be great to. oh and if there is any of you that is in the military that is adopting or has adopted please any info you can share please do so. my dh is in the army and i was just wondering how that will work.

oh yeah i posted this in some of the other threads to. i didnt know for sure where to put this so i just thought i would put it in more then one thread.

Posted: 06 July 2010 05:45 PM   Ignore ]  
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Congratulations on this part of your journey to Parenthood!  Another blog on this website talks about “Adoption Having a 100% Success Rate”, and while there will be ups and downs, and some disappointments - after you finish your Home Study you should have confidence that you’ll be parents!

      The next few months will be an ordeal of paperwork and emotions. 

      I can’t say enough of the paperwork - there is alot of it!  I would recommend starting by selecting your Social Worker that will be responsible for your home study.  Generally, they can outline all the paperwork requirements, can also give you an idea of other requirements within your state and coach you through the process.  Your completed Home Study is nearly always required before you can “post” your profile with an attorney or agency.  Since you may have to retrieve lots of old paperwork which can take months (former divorce decrees, tax forms, etc) - get this started first before you draft your family/couple profile.

      Once you know your Home Study is nearly complete, then start to assemble your profile.  If you’ve selected a particular agency they may have specific requirements or limitations to the construction of your profile.

      I’ll be happy to pass along more information about the different agencies we considered, and things you may want to consider when deciding between an attorney or agencies.

      Best Wishes!

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