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Adoption Blog: Improv Mom

Listen to Your Mother

There’s a little storytelling showcase that is gaining a lot of national attention—it’s called Listen to Your Mother (LTYM). I’m happy to be part of it and would be extra happy if you were a part of it, too.

Here’s a little backstory—LTYM shows are produced and performed each year in 41 cities across North Americain local theaters, churches, school auditoriums, and community center stages during the weeks and days leading up to Mother’s Day.

Each LTYM city has a producing team that casts local men and women who have true, personal stories to tell about motherhood. These cast members read their original pieces in front of a live audience. I am one of the producers for the LTYM New York City show. I was also a cast member in our 2014 and 2016 shows.   

When I first heard about Listen to Your Mother, I was instantly drawn to the idea that everyone has something to say about being a mom, or not being a mom, or having a mom, or searching for your mom, or having two moms, etc…you get it.  I very much wanted to be a part of this kind of storytelling. I love the communal aspect of it, all these lovely souls and stories coming together—each soul and story uniquely different, yet equally important. It reminds me very much of our community here at AdoptiveFamiliesCircle.

Themes of adoption are well represented in each show; from New York to Atlanta to Baton Rouge, we have birth moms, adoptees, and adoptive moms and dads who share their stories. Stories about transgender parenting; stories from those who have struggled with infertility; stories from the LGBT community.

Some stories you know, while others—you simply had no idea.

Yet, each one will open up your heart that much more. You will laugh and you will cry, all in the name of this shared experience called motherhood.

I dig the men and women who decide to write down their stories and stand before strangers (albeit caring and supportive ones) to share their words. They slay me.

They do so because have a need to be listened to, to connect. Most are not professional writers and performers. It’s just that driving need.

It’s a warm, loving group of people who not only come out to audition, but sit in our audiences. You couldn’t ask for more receptive, on-your-side, ready-to-laugh-or-cry-right-along-with-you people than the members of a Listen to Your Mother audience.  

So, please, check out Listen to Your Mother. Sign up to receive audition information for a 2017 show happening near you. We need your voice. We are honored by your stories. You’ll have fun! There will be snacks! Honestly, whether you decide to audition or simply want to attend, you will absolutely cherish the experience.

Now, I’ll leave you with my Listen to Your Mother NYC 2016 performance piece….

As a freelance writer, a middle child, and an older mom growing older every second, I have learned that you can never have too much support in your life. Enter Betty, my mom. I think everyone should have a Betty. You will too. Here’s me, reading Betty Makes It Better.

(Next year, I hope to be listening to yours.)

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