Photo Contests

Holiday Photo Contest
Adoptive Families 2017 Holiday Photo Contest
Share all of your family's festive photos!

Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
2017 Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Micha, Josiah, Shiloh, and Hosanna, and the finalists.

Summer Memories Photo Contest
2017 Summer Memories Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Anthony, and the finalists.

Mommy Moments Photo Contest
2017 Mommy Moments Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Mae and her mom, and the finalists.

Daddy Moments Photo Contest
2017 Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Annalyse and her dad, and the finalists.

"Our Adoption Story" Video Contest Winners

These short films, which highlight many of the beautiful ways our families are formed, will move you. Congratulations to AdoptiveFamiliesCircle's "Our Adoption Story" winner, Violet, and her parents, Carrie and Fernando!


"Home," uploaded by theamaros

Runners Up

"Our Journey to Parenthood Through Domestic Open Adoption," uploaded by mommysquared

"A China Adoption Story," uploaded by chrisroberts

"Mom," uploaded by adoptn


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