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2017 Family Hugs Photo Contest
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  • Expert Q&A Webinar: Inside Transracial Adoption
    Expert Q&A Webinar: Inside Transracial Adoption

    transracial adoption expert Beth HallLearn about the intersection of adoption and race and how it affects children who grow up with adoptive parents of another race. How will you help your child embrace and feel confident in his racial identity? Talk about race and racism? Find role models who will be able to provide first-person perspectives on race and culture? Join Beth Hall, co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption, to ask your questions.

    The Adoptive FamiliesExpert Q&A Webinar: Inside Transracial Adoption will be held on Thursday, February 13, 2014 from 12PM to 1PM EST. Submit questions in advance by posting a comment below. (We will ask…

  • Expert Q&A Webinar: Getting Started in Independent Adoption
    Expert Q&A Webinar: Getting Started in Independent Adoption

    adoption attorney Janna J. AnnestWhat are the first steps toward adopting a newborn in the U.S. and is this the right route for me? From hiring your team and putting together your profile to matching with an expectant mother and discussing ongoing contact, adoption attorney Janna J. Annest will address common first questions. Join us for the Adoptive FamiliesExpert Q&A Webinar: Getting Started in Independent Adoption on January 22, 2014 from 1PM to 2PM EST to ask your questions. Submit questions in advance by posting a comment below. (We will ask the expert as many questions as possible during the webinar, but we can't guarantee…

  • Expert Q&A Webinar: Talking with Children About Adoption
    Expert Q&A Webinar: Talking with Children About Adoption

    transracial adoption skin and hair care expert Brooke JacksonFrom getting comfortable with adoption language even before your child can understand, to first talks with curious preschoolers, to the probing questions of middle childhood, to honest, in-depth conversations with your preteen or teenager, adoption therapist Joni Mantell, LCSW, offers an overview of children's developmental understanding of adoption and answers parents' questions about talking about adoption with their kids.

    Listen now to the Adoptive FamiliesExpert Q&A Webcast: Talking with Children Adoption held on October 17, 2013. See questions submitted in advance…

  • Expert Q&A Webinar: Parenting in Transracial Adoption
    Expert Q&A Webinar: Parenting in Transracial Adoption

    transracial adoption skin and hair care expert Brooke JacksonWhen you adopt across racial lines, whether domestically or internationally, it takes more than just love and good intentions to raise a child with a positive sense of racial identity. Parents may wonder what life will be like as a conspicuous family, how to start teaching their child about his birth culture, how to find role models of their child's race, what resources exist for transracial families, how to deal with and prepare their child for racism, and more. Join transracial adoption expert Deborah H. Johnson to ask any questions you have during Adoptive FamiliesExpert…

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