Photo Contests

Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Adoptive Families 2018 Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Share photos of your child with a dad, birth father, or grandpa!

Kids & Pets Photo Contest
2018 Kids & Pets Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Zofia, and the finalists.

Winter Fun Photo Contest
2018 Winter Fun Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Hannah, and the finalists.

Halloween Photo Contest
2017 Halloween Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Le Le, and the finalists.

Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
2017 Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Micha, Josiah, Shiloh, and Hosanna, and the finalists.

2014 Mommy & Me Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to AdoptiveFamiliesCircle's Mommy & Me Photo Contest winners Zeke, Stacie, and Stephanie!

We asked to see your favorite mother-child photos. Thank you to all the members of AFC who shared their special memories.

Photo Contest Winners!

Mommies Stacie and Stephanie beam at their special Mother's Day arrival, Zeke (2 months).

Runners Up

Meghan (10) and her mom, Kirsten, share a tender moment.

Shay (15 months) sleeps soundly during his first hike with mom, Abby.

Avery (11 months) is showered in kisses by her birth mom, Melissa.

Elijah (6 months) and mommy, Stephanie, show off their dazzling smiles.

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Spiderman at the Park

Spiderman at the Park

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