Photo Contests

Halloween Photo Contest
Adoptive Families 2018 Halloween Photo Contest
Share photos of your child in costume for the holiday!

Summer Fun Photo Contest
2018 Summer Fun Photo Contest Winners
Meet the winner, Oliver, and the finalists.

Daddy Moments Photo Contest
2018 Daddy Moments Photo Contest Winners
Meet the winners, Maddux and his dad, and the finalists.

Mommy Moments Photo Contest
2018 Mommy Moments Photo Contest Winners
Meet the winners, Lucinda, with her mom and birth mom, and the finalists.

Kids & Pets Photo Contest
2018 Kids & Pets Photo Contest Winners
Meet the winner, Zofia, and the finalists.

2014 Daddy & Me Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to AdoptiveFamiliesCircle's Daddy & Me Photo Contest winners Dezy, Griffin, and their dad, Brad!

We asked to see your favorite father-child photos. Thank you to all the members of AFC who shared their special memories.

Photo Contest Winners!

Pow! Super heroes Dezy (7), Griffin (6 months), and dad, Brad, join forces to 'fight for truth, justice, and the American way!'

Runners Up

Plaid-clad Scott lifts matching Beniyam (1) high in the sky.

Adelynn (1) enjoys the "big-kid" swings, safe in the arms of her dad, Jan.

Jon (4) stylishly celebrates the wedding of his adoring dads, Brent and Nicholas.

Birth Country of Children Pictured: U.S.

Izzie (2) helps her daddy, Wayne, mow the lawn.

Isaiah (2) and Zoe (2) love snuggling up with their daddy, Kelly, when he gets home from work.

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