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Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Adoptive Families 2018 Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Share photos of your child with a dad, birth father, or grandpa!

Kids & Pets Photo Contest
2018 Kids & Pets Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Zofia, and the finalists.

Winter Fun Photo Contest
2018 Winter Fun Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Hannah, and the finalists.

Halloween Photo Contest
2017 Halloween Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Le Le, and the finalists.

Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
2017 Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Micha, Josiah, Shiloh, and Hosanna, and the finalists.

2014 Holiday Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to AdoptiveFamiliesCircle's Holiday Photo Contest winner Ben!

Thank you to all the members of AFC who shared their special holiday moments.

Photo Contest Winner!

Ben (6) looks angelic as he gives his new stuffed monkey a loving squeeze on Christmas morning.

Runners Up

Arielle (3) and mom are all smiles in this festive shot.

Charlie (4) is so proud of the new family wreath that he offers to carry it home -- even though they're practically the same size!

The weather outside may be frightful, but Henry (5) and Claire (4) are cozy and warm in their holiday sweaters.

Birth Country of Children Pictured: South Korea

Unable to show their children's faces online prior to finalization, 'The Smith Squad' (11, 8, 7) found a clever way to share their family portrait with this creative holiday card.

Carter (4) is delighted by the beauty of the season in this dazzling shot.

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Daddy Snuggles

Daddy Snuggles

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