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Winter Fun Photo Contest
Adoptive Families 2018 Winter Fun Photo Contest
Share all of your family's cold-weather shots!

Halloween Photo Contest
2017 Halloween Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Le Le, and the finalists.

Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
2017 Brothers and Sisters Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Micha, Josiah, Shiloh, and Hosanna, and the finalists.

Summer Memories Photo Contest
2017 Summer Memories Photo Contest
Meet the winner, Anthony, and the finalists.

Mommy Moments Photo Contest
2017 Mommy Moments Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Mae and her mom, and the finalists.

Daddy Moments Photo Contest
2017 Daddy Moments Photo Contest
Meet the winners, Annalyse and her dad, and the finalists.

2014 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest

Congratulations to Damion and his family!

We received thousands of entries to this year’s annual photo contest. Here are nine of the most stunning shots—along with the words shared by proud moms and dads about what each one captures.

Thank you to all the families who entered this year's contest. Share your comments on the individual photos in the 2014 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest album.

Photo Contest Grand-Prize Winner

Damion (4, Jamaica)

son of Crystal and Ryan, Indiana


Vincent (2, U.S.)

son of Laura and Brad

Mazie (4, China) and Jude (6, Vietnam)

children of Nancy and Tim

Majorine (13, Uganda)

daughter of Michael and Sandra

Alex and James (8 and 7, U.S. foster)

sons of Alicia and Joshua

Owen (2, U.S.)

son of Nicole and Eric

Lea (5, U.S. foster)

daughter of Leslie "This photo only partially captures my daughter’s outgoing, quirky, brilliantly funny, and utterly fearless personality. The day this was taken was a big day for her—she decided that the deep end was much more entertaining without her life jacket. Turned out it was! She didn’t sink to the bottom like a rock and my heart eventually restarted. This time last year, she didn’t even know how to swim. Next summer? She’s mapping out the English Channel!'" —LESLIE

Azalea (4, Ethiopia), Windsor (2), and Zoelie (5, U.S.)

children of Sophie and Mark

Julia (2, China)

daughter of Kevin and Sarah

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Special Present

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