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  • Birdnest
    Separated father of birthsibs wants kids meet

    Advice needed… the father of. My son’s birthsibs has always caused us trouble…he and bm have split( he’s not my son’s bf and doesn’t know him) bm threatened kill herself…

    Adoption of Husband's nephew after mother passes

    Hi Everyone

    I am new to the Adoptive Families Circle and also new to adoption. I have 4 biological children of my own.

    My sister in law had a…

  • Lady Riché
    Adopting my husband's cousin's unborn baby

    My husband’s cousin is 35(currently 6 weeks pregnant) and unmarried with a 1 yr old son.  She still lives home with her mother and is currently pursuing a nursing degree…

  • Knr
    Trying to adopt my niece

    This is a long story, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try to shorten down, but if anyone had questions, I’m happy to provide more detail. My sister…

  • KinshipAdoption
    Preparing for the release of bf

    Our kiddo’s (D) BF will be released from prison in less than one year. He is a violent offender and was the reason D was removed from the home instantly…

  • kristenhaberkorn
    Help My Adoption Research!

    Hello friends of adoption!

    My name is Kristen Haberkorn and I am a graduate student and adoptee from the Communication Department at the Wake Forest University. I am writing to…

  • cyraem
    Has anyone dealt with kinship care and competing families?

    My two nephews are in the system and my husband and I have been pushing towards kinship care for a few months now (unfortunately the cps office local to their…

  • AriaEli
    feeling depressed and overwhelmed (just need to get this out)

    I don’t even know where to start. My mother has breast cancer and has been undergoing a VERY harsh treatment regimen and lives alone. Treatments and surgeries will be going on into November if not well beyond. My drug addicted neice is due with her baby in late September. I live 2hrs away from my hometown where both still live. I am the primary one driving both to doctors appointments and do frequent stays . Although my 87yr old grandmother has been stepping in on days she is able. I am very vigilant on making sure my niece gets what prenatal care she can, but she seems to be slipping more and more. On my last trip up to take care of my mother my neice ended up in the hospital due to her drug use. She recovered and baby is still kicking. Her baby will be removed from her care at the hospital when she gives birth, but she is incapable of understanding that. She is living in a 10-15 pump house with no insulation, yet runs away and refuses to live with anyone stable. She is 21 weeks along now and I am terrified she will go into premature labor. I have meth exposed nephews who where born at 25 weeks and I myself gave birth at 29 weeks dispite never having done drugs.

    I don’t know if I have the ability, stamina or mental fortitude to keep a stable home for my 4yr old, Take care of my mother as the chemo eats her away, give the skin to skin contact needed to drug exposed premie baby staying in the NICU an additional 2 hrs away from my home, and keep my niece from committing sucide after her baby is removed.

    I’ve wanted to adopt for years had started an adoption fundraiser,  was preparing for a homestudy. If I knew baby was going to be healthy and if I wasn’t dealing with my nieces mental health issues I know that I have the strength and support group needed to care for a baby and call in a patch work of reforcments for my mother. When thinking long term I know in my heart that my husband and I are the best possible home for this child.

    My head is screaming and I just needed to get this out.

  • KinshipAdoption

    We adopted my daughter at age 8, however she has live with us for a total of 5 years. So she has been in our home for a long time.…

  • AriaEli
    Native American kinship adoption/ guardianship as a non native family

    Hello all!
    I’m here looking for guidance and support on a possible adoption/guardianship placement of part native child.

    My neice is 15 and recently informed the family that she…

  • freckle face mama
    Name change

    Did you change your child’s whole name? And why. How do you explain this to a child?

  • birdseye
    A lot on my mind....

    Well I just found out bm father- who is a druggie psycho who puts rattlesnakes in ppl mailboxes,chased a man with a hatchet n went to jail,poured chicken blood all over fam stuff while in process of moving,possible sexual predator-is back in the picture!I hate that she’s letting him around her babies!Up til now she was saying she wanted nothing to do with him n hiding her address and scared of him and now she’s letting him back in!! I don’t understand it!I’m sick to my stomach thinking about this man around her 1yo and 2yo!....It also means I won’t answer a message from her unless I hear her voice,bc he’s been know to hack n pretend to be someone else n stir trouble,at the same time I’m glad my child is spared by virtue of having us,two parents of sound mind who will not put him in danger with that man or anyone else. Family or not my kid comes first and I will protect my son!What is she thinking!!!!!Sigh!!-÷=%/!!

  • mymia0713

    This is my first post - and quite honestly, I will keep it simple as their are many family dynamics that really require some in depth soul…

  • birdseye
    D's special needs,and bm in denial

    I’m birdsnest I just forgot my password lol. Lol update….So my recently turned 5yo has a myriad of issues adhd,oppositional defiance disorders and some others (from drugs)we will just call…

  • amserrata70

    So my daughters BM has informed me that her aunt and other family of her would like to start seeing my daughter, mind you I have not let my daughters…

  • birds nest
    Balls in her court!!!

    So bm told my mom n others some cockamamie reason I won’t let her visit,about bf.Ummm no im angry with You Bm,because you got my 4yo on the phone n…

  • birds nest
    Bm wants a visit but she's not appropriate....

    Despite my better judgement I have talked to bm.(She is a bipolar drug addict)I tell her about ds n ask how her two kids are.Well this worked for a little…

  • freckle face mama
    Two year wait for adoption canada

    Does anyone know about this two year wait period to adopt after you are granted sole custody? I have kinship of my niece.

  • amserrata70
    Birth Father???

    I have an on and off relationship thru emails/messenger with my daughters BM, I have gotten into a deep conversation once and I asked her who was my daughters BF…

  • Fleur285
    Licensing of Family for adoption

    Is it a national or state law that you have to be licensed to adopt or do foster care?

    We are doing an ICPC from FL to ND, ND is…

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