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  • paulahandberry
    Oregon Adoption and PACT


    We are just starting the adoption process, and I’m wondering if anyone on this board has worked with PACT in California for an adoption? If so, would you recommend…

  • teamsweetbean
    Arizona Infant Adoption Agencies?

    Can anyone recommend any Arizona adoption agencies for infant/private adoption? Thank you very much!

  • Emiluke
    Little bit of Heaven

    I am from NJ and it is illegal to use a facilitator.  A little bit of heaven is a referral agency and assured me they work with NJ families.  I…

  • AlaskanWife
    St Elizabeth Foundation

    Has anyone adopted through St Elizabeth Foundation in Louisiana? Welcoming your reviews here or through private message! Thanks.

  • DEC93
    A Loving Alternative - Seeking reviews

    Hello all! Has anyone adopted through A Loving Alternative (national adoption facilitator based in California). I have found some reviews but none more recent than 2013, so I wanted some…

  • JanineLouise
    Florida adoption agency recommendations

    We are looking into working with a Florida based adoption agency. We just want a newborn baby, it doesn’t matter what gender or race. Among the agencies we are thinking…

  • Gina73
    Adoption agency help

    Has anyone used or know anything about families 4 children agency they are located in Walnut Creek, CA but use to be in Oakland,CA I can’t find a single review…

  • InqAPTB

    We’re thinking about going with AdoptHelp or American Adoptions. Any feedback or considerations we should be aware of?

  • AlaskanWife
    Nightlight or Christian Adoption Consultants

    We’ve done a lot of researching and comparing, and I *think* we have narrowed our options down (at least for now) to Nightlight Christian Adoptions or Christian Adoption Consultants.

  • rts123
    NY Adoption Agencies

    My husband and I are just starting out looking into adoption. Many websites suggest getting recommendations from others who have adopted about adoption agencies or attorneys.

    I am wondering…

  • StephaniS
    Alabama adoption agency for newborn?

    My husband and I are wanting to start the adoption process but not sure where to start. We met with an attorney and he suggested we pick an agency but…

  • jessirberger
    Best option for gender preference adoption, domestic newborn

    Hello!  My husband and I are trying to decide on an adoption agency/law firm/etc.  Tricky part is that we have a gender preference- we are hoping to adopt a newborn…

  • LisaJ
    Single Parent Adoption Agencies

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a single woman who is just starting the process and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed!  Does anyone have experience/recommendations for agencies that are supportive of…

  • CoquatMom
    PhD study, Need Married Moms

    Topic: Perceptions of Competence and Satisfaction in Parenting

        1) Married mom who adopted her first child that is now between 5 and 18 years.

  • Jackie41076
    American Adoptions and Lifetime Adoptions

    We are looking to sign with an agency this week and are looking at American Adoptions or Lifetime Adoptions. They seem to have all the same services but American is…

  • Jackie41076
    Beacon House vs A Angel Adoptions

    Narrowed our search down to Beacon House in Pensacola and A Angel Adoptions in Alabama. Anyone have any reviews of them?? So many to choose from and want to get…

  • virginiadopt
    Adoption in Virginia/Graceful Adoptions

    Hello, my husband and I are just starting this journey and are trying to select an agency to work with.  We are in Virginia and hoping to adopt a domestic…

  • yweinst
    Colorado Agency (Adoption Choices) or National one

    My husband and I live in Colorado and are looking at American Adoption, which has many reviews and a local agency which I’ve had a hard time finding reviews for,…

  • adoptioninfo411
    Private Adoption Attorney

    Hi all, has anyone used Michael Theriot for an adoption? Please pm or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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