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child born to birth mother with addiction to drugs

I am the grandmother of a wonderful grandson who is biracial and born addicted.  I held him as he withdrew from drugs.  Now he is 8 and experiencing times of rage.  My daughter has had a difficult time dealing with this and recently put him in a psych hospital for evaluation.  They diagnosed him as bipolar and he is on heavy dose of lithium.  Has anyone out there experienced such issues and do you have any advice?  Any books to read?


Hi DebC,
I wanted to respond to your post because what you said raised important issue. I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist; however, from what I have learned in dealing with my own adopted daughter and speaking repeatedly with her mental healthcare providers, no reputable psychiatrist or psychologist or program would put such a devastating label on someone younger than 18, or even 21. Not only do they not want to label a kid as having this kind of severe mental condition, but there is no way to reliably diagnose this and other profound conditions (schizophrenia, etc) while they’re going through childhood and teenage years. Moreover, lithium is an extremely potent medicine, and could possibly interfere with his education and general development. I would _strongly_ recommend that you reach out to other providers and get a second opinion.
Good luck!!!

Posted by lachicuela on Oct 06, 2017 at 2:21pm

Hi, I agree with Deb C. Get a second opinion/ avoid big labels and powerful drugs not made for kids if st all possible
My son was exposed in utero but was not born addicted. He is also 8. He has had emotional more than social and behavioral challenges for several years and was hospitalized probably because of self harming behaviors triggered by too highly a dose of SSRIs. I find that he does the best with the least medication (beyond for perfectionist ADHD) and a lot of TLC and emotional support. My biggest challenge is getting him to stand up for himself as he is a target for bullies
Good luck

Posted by Mcgowse on Apr 28, 2018 at 10:22pm

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