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Russia Waiting Parents

We got a referral!

We just received a referral today for a 5yo boy from the Arkhangelsk region. We were hoping for a younger child but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with that region and had recently got a referral from there.
The description is just wonderful! Our agency has been educating us on children from hard places and he has been in an orphanage since birth and I’m having a hard time believing the description, wondering what they’re not telling me because he sounds too good to be true. At this point I’m just praying for wisdom and guidance that this is the child God has for us.
I welcome any and all information about the region, children of that age, info on specialists, travel, etc.etc.


I’m surprised no one has replied to your post yet. I just joined to be able to post a reply. Some time has passed since you wrote this post…have you already made a decision?

While your boy may be very healthy on paper, keep in mind that he is 5 years old and will especially be aware of the cultural shock leaving Russia and entering the USA. Do you speak Russian? If so, this will help. If not, keep in mind that he will already be behind in school due to not knowing English. Are you ready to help him catch up in school? Can you afford to have an English tutor to help him get up to speed?
Would you be willing to home school him if he needed a year or so with you to bond and also catch up academically?

While I have strong compassion for older children (non-infancts and toddlers), for me, I would only proceed with an older child adoption from Russia if I had A LOT of supports already in place and was willing to do what it takes to help the child learn english, adjust to the new culture, attach to me and my husband, and successfully enter the school system.

Posted by choose2care on Dec 03, 2011 at 4:20am

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