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Russia Waiting Parents

Want to hear your story-Russia adoption process & final

Just wanted to see how others are doing?  There are many things we are facing with Russian adoption now a days, from crazy lady ending back son, too ratifying agreements between US & Russia…Anyone with news or stories would be great!  We are just finalizing hone study and this has been longest part so far…started in December 2011.  Our part has gone fast, but agency stuff seems slow.  They say this is normal, don’t get up tight…really I can get government paper work done in days and they can’t do this part in less than 90 days.  I hear everyone deals with this stuff with their agencies.  The part I don’t get is how we can’t be negative about them, signed off on no slamming agency paper…read the fine print.  This means no check and balance for this industry.  Every company in America can have reviews written on them but, not this industry? I feel this needs to be changed.  They need to be held accountable for their work too.  So if you have any response here, would love to here that too.  Really just need good, hopefully stories for this process…thanks!


We just had the court hearing and finalized the adoption of our son on Fri the 13th = ). I can tell you that certain regions like St Petersburg have suspended adoptions until the Duma ratifies the agreement with the US but they actually hope to have that done this week. We adopted our son from Arkhangelsk which is a very adoption friendly region and they did not suspend any adoptions.The head of the Ministry of Education that oversees the homes has just left for vacation until the end of May.Since he is involved in the court proceedings I don’t think anything will resume until his return at the end of May.
I understand your frustration with the agency but I tried to remind myself I was not the only client they had and the workload varies depending on where each client is in the process. Can you imagine having to collect the data from multiple families, coordinating the home visits, typing out extensive reports, while making post placement visits and reports for other families.And that’s just the responsibility of the social worker much less the program director. Looking back I have been so pleased with our agency Dillon/Buckner especially when it came to the overseas visit. There was someone holding our hands the ENTIRE time. Meeting us at the airport, transportation, booking hotels, helping us with check in and out, translation, COURT PREPARATION!!! Those services really are invaluable to me.
The most amazing thing to me is the referral time. There really is no pinpointing when it will happen. Of course the more regions you are able to apply to (we applied to 3 regions at the same time) the faster you hope a referral might come but that also has to do with the checklist of acceptable medical and physical conditions as well. For instance, one of the reasons listed as to why my son had not found a suitable Russian adoptive family is that he wets the bed. Not that big a deal to me but to the Russians it is apparently. Our wait time was only a month which I was amazed by but I know of others who have waited much longer or have had to turn down referrals (this does not mean your dossier goes to the back of the line BTW). It is what it is, a journey. Everyone’s journey is different but a journey for you and your child nonetheless. If you are not journaling it would be a great thing to do and it is a good way to get your frustrations out about the agency or the process in general. I wish I had done more.You may also find that you will begin to identify with the child that will soon be yours. When waiting on paperwork to be finished and things that were out of our control I began to think about my son and how he has had NO control over the circumstances in his life and wonders when he will have a family. We only waited 14 months, he’s waited 5 years.
With all the stress and anxiety that came with the process and especially sitting infront of a Russian judge and proving yourself a worthy parent I had to remind myself that the hardest, yet most rewarding part is still to come.
Blessings to your family!

Posted by SarahMarie on Apr 16, 2012 at 7:39am

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