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Visit to Guatemala birtmother

About 3 hears ago my daughter and I visited her birth mother. We were able to work with someone in Guatemala who was the middle person who communicated with the birth mother and with us. I worked with this middle person to schedule our trip, meet the birth mother, interpret for us, and visit a few sights. Unfortunately I have not been about to get in touch with the middle person in the last 4 months. My daughter and I would like to make another trip to Guatemala to visit the birth mother in the next few months. Does anyone know of a reputable person I can contact that can provide the service of meeting with the birth mother, provide transportation while in Guatemala, interpret for us and help us keep our connection with the birth mother?
Your help would be appreciated.


We have used this group to find our son’s birthmother, to maintain ongoing contact, and to visit several times. We’ve used their services for almost 9 years now:

Posted by sjbj on Mar 04, 2017 at 9:40pm

the service noted above is the same one Bea Evans with the Ties Program referred me to a year or so ago. We’ve not yet used them, but I save the data. Let us know what you find out please.
Also, it sounds as if the bm has not kept in contact with you. Is this because she did not have the contact data or wasn’t able?  I only ask because this outcome, the bm not staying in contact, could be a possible outcome (I think) for my daughter too that might not be too positive, overall. Can you share anything about this part of it?
Thanks, Shelley

Posted by SST on Mar 12, 2017 at 1:44am

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