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Traditional Fee or Flat Rate Fee...which would you choose?

Our agency offers two fee options:  (1)a traditional fee with expectant mother expenses are paid separately and non-refundable, and (2) a flat fee that guarantees no additional expenses. 

Obviously, the flat rate fee is higher, but hubs and I were initially drawn to the simplicity and security of it.  But the flat rate could be as much as $8-$10,000 more than a traditional fee adoption that goes through without any glitches. 

I’m struggling with whether or not that $8-$10,000 that we wouldn’t have to finance is worth a little more of a gamble??? 

What do you think?  Any advice would be appreciated!


I agree that the flat fee sounds ideal because you can predict the cost without surprises but that payment structure makes me pause. Has your agency provided you with average birth mother expenses so you know how much extra they may be? Our agency does not offer fee options - it is pay as you go for each stage of the adoption, including birth mother costs and legal fees but if they did, I would probably focus on what the average is and decide if the flat fee were worth it.

I am always hesitant to pay a flat fee for something that might be more expensive than the “pay as you go” option so my gut reaction is to recommend that you not do the flat fee option.

Best of luck to you!

Posted by kellym57 on Nov 30, 2016 at 5:40pm

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