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In the Nov/Dec issue of Adoptive Families, did you read the section about infertility?

Four writers look back on their journey since battling with infertility.  Reading these articles, it is apparent that infertility is life-changing and will force you to make many difficult decisions .

The essays are:
Dear Infertility Patient which discusses regrets on the path to motherhood
When Egg Substitute is on the Grocery List  which is how the author selected an egg donor
Becoming an Intended Parent which shares how the author chose surrogacy.
No Longer Hoping for a Miracle Pregnancy which is how a woman finally closes the door on trying to conceive.

Does one of these articles touch you more than another?  Why?
Are these articles helpful in letting you know that you aren’t alone in your journey?
What else, if anything, would you have liked to see discussed in these articles?


I read both articles and found them both to be really great! I wish I would’ve read it before I started down the road of infertility treatments. Had I read this I may have just went right for Adoption in the first place. We now have a beautiful 2 month old daughter who was placed with us back in September. We are so in love with her and wouldn’t change a thing.

Posted by AZ1977 on Nov 30, 2012 at 6:52am

Yes, I read them all. It just really reaffirmed what I already know is right for my hubby and I. We have had some much pain through the ups and downs of infertility, and I felt a huge weight lifted off of me when we decided to pursue adoption. I can’t wait to be a mama:)

Posted by dollywissell on Nov 30, 2012 at 7:21am

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