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The Baby Veronica Case, Ripe with Ethics Violations

Veronica Brown was forcefully adopted by Matt and Melanie Capobianco last summer after a 4 yr battle with the child’s Dad.  Forced to live with strangers and call these monsters mommy and daddy when they are not her parents.

If you look into the case, you find numerous issues.

The Capobiancos hired a PR firm to demonize the father and nearly all the media accounts of the story were straight from the PR firm’s press releases.

Veronica’s Dad never said one ill word about these mad strangers who were out to steal his child from him. 

The Capobiancos hired some wanna be celebrity to stalk the child. 

They violated a gag order by constantly releasing information and pictures.

They marketed perfume in her name.

The supreme court had connections to the Capobianco’s legal team and one of the justices has a pseudo shady adoption of his own. 

Everyone focused on text messages between Brown and the child’s mother, Maldonado.  Text messages that were only partial comments and nobody knows the full conversation between the parents.  During the initial court proceedings that originally gave Brown custody, when the courts demanded to see Maldonado’s phone to see the full conversation, it conveniently disappeared.

Though the legal team boasted they were representing the Capobiancos pro bono, after Veronica was transferred to their care, they didn’t hesitation to file a million dollar lawsuit against Veronica and her Dad (yes, they added Veronica to the the list with her Dad and the Cherokee Nation).

South Carolina should never have held any jurisdiction over the case.  It was obvious the state was hell bent on finalizing the adoption and then issuing a warrant out for the Dad’s arrest when he refused to hand her over (the Capobianco’s did the same thing and held onto her an additional 3 months after she should have gone to her Dad and no charges were ever filed against them).

A four year old child who only had memories of her Dad and family was abruptly forced to leave with strangers she had no memory of and was never given a best interest hearing.

The governors of both states (SC and OK) got involved and strong armed Brown into giving his daughter to her abductors.

Disagree with me all you want, but I think the Capobiancos are nothing more than entitled kidnappers who couldn’t stand being told they couldn’t have something.  She was not their child and even if her kidnapping was given the legal seal of approval, they are not her parents.  ICWA was grossly violated in this case as well and the person involved with the Interstate Compacts is now under investigation and no longer allowed to control the forms.

Here’s to the hope that Veronica Brown will be able to go back home to her Daddy, sister, stepmom and grandparents before she is 18 and emotionally destroyed by her abductors.


Want to know something else? The Capobiancos adopted another baby and brought her home in December. They got V in late September, so they were trying to adopt a second child while trying to legally abduct this one. The other baby’s name is Lilly something or something Lilly… I just remember it being another flower (V’s middle name on her birth certificate is Rose).

Posted by Shelly Lynn on May 31, 2014 at 7:51am

The PR group they used had a direct line to Dr. Phil Show. Unless you know something about Native Americans they were raked over the coals by Dr. Phil and others. As for Mary Fallin, Gov. of OK. She is on her way out of OK by her behavior and that of her daughter in regards to the Natives Americans of that state.

Posted by RIbluebird on Jun 01, 2014 at 9:07pm

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