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Riverside County Regional Medical Center, Moreno Valley, California

While this post is late, I have nothing good to say about our experience at this facility.  Our birthmother was incarcerated, our attorney didn’t really prepare us for the differences we would be facing (we actually thought we would be able to see the birth mother).  When she went into labor she called our attorney who then called us, we rearranged our flights to get there by lunch the next day (our son was already born). Upon arrival and drive to hospital, we were told that there wasn’t a patient under our birth mothers name and transferred from department to department.  I was still on hold when we parked our rental car and walked in the lobby.  We were then directed to the labor and delivery waiting area.  Finally saw our social worker who said she had to verify our information and could not tell us anything after waiting for hours.  We were told we could go to the cafeteria after missing 2 meals and we would be called with new information.  Only to be told after we ate dinner that our social worker WENT HOME.  So we finally left the hospital at 7pm feeling defeated, scared and worried.  After I promised the birth mother I would be there for her they wouldn’t even tell her that we had arrived or allow us to send flowers.  I blew up the phones at the hospital voicing my opinion and placing complaints.  We got a call after we checked into a hotel that we could see our son at 9:30pm.  We dropped what we were doing and ran to the hospital exhausted and jet lagged.  The nurses treated us awful.  Made us feel like we were burdening them by visiting our son.  After a bottle feeding and diaper change we left.  We felt so ackward.  We didn’t get back to our hotel until midnight.  Only to wake up to a phone call that our son was being discharged in a few hours.  Finally we were treated like parents when we were going over the discharge papers.  Apparently this is a county run hospital.  We were told at discharge that extreme precautions were being taken to avoid us and the birthmother crossing paths.  They made us feel like we were trying to kidknap a baby.  Avoid this hospital if you can.


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