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Prenatal Substance Exposure

Our son addicted to subetex

Our son is 3 and expressing behavioral issuses such as very easily angered and hits,bites,kicks,pulls hairs,pinches and head but… We have tried timeouts, talking to him, screaming at him, praising the good behavior, walking away, we are getting unfortunately very frustrated and are looking for any advice


Did you adopt him as an infant?

Any abuse history? I think you need to talk to a behavioral therapist. Screaming won’t work. Most three year olds do not have cause and effect thinking so time outs…well they don’t think if I stop my behaviors time outs will stop.

Have you ruled out any medical issues? Sensory issues? pain in ears or tummy? I knew a kid who was aggressive he went to a developmental eye doc (different than nearsighted/farsighted doc) got glasses and behaviors changed. When people came at him they morphed into monsters due to a scanning/focusing issue.

The title is son addicted to subetex. Still? what are the side effects of that?

Posted by Regina on Jan 11, 2019 at 4:22am

Assuming your kiddo isn’t still taking/addicted to subetext (and you meant that his birthmom took it while pregnant), age three can be a typical age for some children who were prenatally exposed to opiods. Our daughter was exposed to nearly everything (including opiods and mixed opiods like subetext) and she is completely on schedule and demonstrates no symptoms yet, but she is 18 mos. old. All of the literature we’ve read suggests that kids who will shows signs of behavior (or other challenges) do so around 3. (Of course many children never experience anything, which would be the case with you little one as well as ours.) But I would encourage you to do some research (and find a pediatrician familiar with) prenatal substance exposure.

Also, I’ve read in adoption books (and was told by our adoption counselor during the adoption process) that time-outs aren’t the best idea for adoption children, whose “primal wound” (though subconscious for some if they were adopted and birth and still really little) can be triggered by “time outs,” and that “time-ins” work better at (1) reinstating behavioral boundaries, while still (2) making sure your little one knows that you’re right there and not going anywhere, s/he is not being sent away.  Just something I’ve read and been told.

I wish you much luck and blessings smile

Posted by WhiteLakeMom on Jan 11, 2019 at 1:10pm

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