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Hospital (Reviews)

Oklahoma City, OK

Both my sons were born in Oklahoma City, OK and both spent time in the NICU. My older son was born at Integris Baptist Medical Center. That is a very modern, clean, bright hospital with nicely thought of benefits such as free valet parking at the front door (who wants to look for a parking space when all you want to do is get inside to be with your baby as fast as possible!). The hospital also has a small hotel built into the hospital where family members of patients can stay. The first night of my son’s life, he spent the night with me in a hospital room on the obstetrics floor just doors from his birth mom. The nurses on that floor told me that they allow adoptive parents to stay in a hospital room with their baby if a room is available because they know it helps to facilitate bonding. The next day, unfortunately, they had to admit my son to the NICU because of an issue that unexpectedly arose. My son spent six days in the NICU. It’s a large NICU and an excellent one. They bring babies in from other hospitals all over the city and the state for the level of care and expertise there. The nurses were excellent and very supportive of both us and our birth mom. My son received top notch care. I only had two issues with this hospital. Our birth mother gave our son the name we had chosen for him and filled out his birth certificate with that name. However, the hospital policy was to call him the BUFA baby. BUFA stands for Baby Up For Adoption. Even though our son had a legal name, all his paperwork listed him as BUFA. I argued that it made him sound like no one wanted him when my husband and I spent all day, every day with him in the NICU and his birth mom also visited him while she was still in the hospital. But they officially would only call him BUFA. The nurses called him by the name we gave him but when we rang the security bell to be allowed in, we always had to say we were there to visit the BUFA baby. It drove me crazy. We eventually came up with other, more supportive names that BUFA could stand for (i.e. Baby Up For Adoration). The second issue was that the moment I arrived, the social worker made sure she got our insurance information. She seemed very concerned that we would pay for all his medical costs. We did but it took a year of fighting with our medical insurance to get them to pay. Other than that, our experience at Integris Baptist Medical Center was excellent.

Our second son arrived seven weeks early at Deaconess Hospital which is only a couple of blocks from Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City. It’s an older hospital, run by Catholic nuns. It’s much smaller than Integris Baptist, less bright and less modern. But we found the level of care there also to be excellent. Many of the NICU doctors and nurses at Integris Baptist also practice at Deaconess. Our second son was born by emergency C-section. The NICU nurses are in the delivery room for any delivery where it is expected that the baby will go straight to the NICU, such as a pre-term birth. The NICU nurses take care of the baby from the moment it’s born. The NICU at Deaconess is much, much smaller than at Integris Baptist, but we had a great experience here too. It took me five days to make arrangements and travel to Oklahoma when my second child was born (we live in another state). They set our birth mom up with a special number code which she could give to anyone she allowed to find out information on our son. She gave us the code and that allowed me to call daily to the NICU and speak directly with the nurses about my son and how he was doing. They were very receptive to my phone calls when I gave them the code and assured me that he was being well taken care of. As you can imagine, I was frantic to see him and those phone calls were very important to me and also for the nurses to know that this baby had a mother and father who very much wanted him. When I finally made it to Oklahoma City, I found the nurses to be very supportive. The called my son by the name we gave him. They had no policy of calling babies to be adopted BUFA so he was always known by his given name. Because he was so tiny, I wanted to do kangaroo care with him (skin to skin contact) and the nurses were very supportive of that too, finding me a comfortable chair and a hospital gown to wear as well as placing a warmed blanket over my son and me to help keep him warm. The NICU was small but the nurses seemed very knowledgeable and caring for my son, our birthmother, and me. Because my son went straight to the NICU, I don’t know if Deaconess allows adoptive parents to have a hospital room on the obstetrics floor so that they can have the baby in the room with them but everything else I saw at the hospital was very supportive of me as an adoptive mom.

Both hospitals are located in northwest Oklahoma City off the Northwest Expressway. They are not close to downtown although being close to I-40 and I-44, it’s easy to get downtown or anywhere else in the city in a short amount of time. There are many hotels nearby for long term stays if you have to get ICPC permission before you travel. There are also lots of restaurants and the Penn Square Mall which is a really nice mall and has stores for babies and kids plus a Dillards. There is a Walmart and a BabiesRUs nearby which I frequented.

We stayed in the Sleep Inn at Northwest Expressway and North Classen Blvd. when my first son was born. When my second son was born, I stayed at the Country Inn and Suites right across Northwest

Expressway from Integris Baptist Hospital. Both hotels were very nice. I had a two room suite at Country Inn and Suites which was enough room for all the baby stuff while I spent two weeks in the hotel with my younger son after he was discharged from the hospital and while I waited for ICPC permission to travel. Country Inn and Suites gave me a discount because I had a family member in the hospital and they gave lots of attention to my tiny son. They were very helpful. The room maid at Country Inn and Suites would leave me lots of extra towels every day (I used a lot of towels with a baby) and would check with me before vacuuming the room so that she wouldn’t disturb the baby. My husband was not able to be there with me since he was at home taking care of our older son. So the morning I flew home, the hotel manager actually accompanied me to the airport to help me handle the baby, a stroller, and two suitcases. I couldn’t believe their generosity.

All in all, our experiences in Oklahoma City with both hospitals and our hotels were first rate. I highly recommend Integris Baptist Medical Center and Deaconess for their excellent level of care and also for their acceptance and caring of everyone in the adoption triad, the baby being placed for adoption, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.


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