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New to Adoption - adopting from Bulgaria

Hi everyone, I’m excited to have found this group.  I am embarking on the process of adoption a special needs child from Bulgaria as a single woman.  The child is being advocated for by several different agencies, and I wanted to see if anyone had had a particularly good experience with any agencies (or a negative one)?

In terms of timing, I know things can vary dramatically, but if you adopted a special needs child from Bulgaria, I’d love to hear how long the process took.



HI MG123

Happy to hear of your adoption plans! This is the process i also went through.

First let me explain the adoption process in Bulgaria. Children who are available, ready and want to be adopted have their info submitted to one central organization.This info is written by social workers who work in the orphanages where they live, following an approved process by the Hague.

Every few months all the 20 or so international adoption agencies in Bulgaria enter a drawing done by that central organization. The children’s cases from this listing are allocated to all the agencies based on their preferences and the number their agency drew.

These agencies then have only a few months to find families who want to adopt these children. Some of the agencies take the time to travel (up to 8 hours) to meet the children and the orphanage staff and do more detailed interviews or get additional info. Others do not and just use only the info they are given.

The BGN agencies then list the children they are representing with several international adoption agencies in the US. So you will usually find 2 or 3 agencies in the US carrying a particular child and have some choice there. But there is only one agency on the BGN end working with that child. That agency really has no ties to and may or may not have ever processed an adoption from the orphanage where the child is living.

If you would like to get comments on peoples experience with particular US or BGN adoption agencies your best bet is to post the names of them and request feedback here. I worked with Hopscotch in the US and I highly recommend them. They were honest, very efficient, and good people.They required more course and prep work than many other organizations, but all of it was helpful.

Note you will also need to have a home study done with an agency that is Hague approved and works in your state. (This may or may not be the same international agency in the US you are working with.) This is the agency that will be your support at the beginning of the process and then again for 2 years after the adoption with home visits by a social worker. If you haven’t had this done you can post your state and ask for referrals on here.

As for how long the process takes, I was able to knock myself out and by super organization and always putting adoption first to complete the process (once I’d chosen a BGN child) in 1 year. Usually however it will take 2 years. There are major things like in country month long holidays, BGN and US document processing delays, changes in policy, court times, and wait times for scheduling planes, hotels, and visits etc that slow the process down.You can always come on here and check in to see what the current wait time is (and to deal with the frustration of the latest challenges)!! Good luck.

Posted by Happy Camper on Jan 19, 2020 at 6:37pm

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