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Americans Living Abroad With Adopted Children

New member

My name is Kate and my family and I live in Denmark. We are US citizens but residents of Denmark. In 2010 We adopted our son from Colombia via the Danish process, and then successfully applied for US citizenship for him two years later. Now we are approved to adopt from Colombia again and we’re just waiting for a placement.

If anyone is interested in the process of getting citizenship for a child residing abroad, I can say what we did.

It’s good knowing we’re not the only US citizens living abroad with our adopted child.


Welcome, Kate!  We are living in the US now, but my husband is English and twice we have lived for extended periods in the UK with our kids…

Posted by VintageMom on Mar 17, 2014 at 12:44am

Hello Kate!  If you’re still monitoring this thread, I have a few questions about the N-600K…is that the method you used to gain citizenship for your child? We are adopting a sibling group - we live abroad, but are U.S. citizens who can satisfy the physical presence requirements.

I have lived abroad for over 10 years. When I list this on the form, do you know, do I need to list every single visit home (to the USA) that I made during those years, or is simply stating that I was outside of the USA for all 10 of those years okay?

And, do you know, can I list a U.S. address as the mailing address, so that any notices they send me are not sent via regular mail to me abroad (which will take over a month to arrive, IF they make it at all!)? I’ve already listed our address abroad as the child’s home address.

Finally, do I need to proved evidence for every year that I was in the USA (from birth on), or just for the five consecutive years required for citizenship?

If you’re still monitoring this thread, I’ll be very grateful for any guidance you can give me!!!!

Posted by Yram on Apr 04, 2015 at 1:56pm

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