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Metformin in ART

My husband and I have done 2 IUI’s, 3 IVF cycles as well as a frozen embryo transfer, none of which were successful.  We know there is a problem with my husband’s sperm morphology, and he recently had surgery.  We don’t know if it was successful yet.  We also switched to a new doctor now to do one last cycle.  She referred me to a specialist to put me through testing to see if there was an implantation problem. Testing revealed a couple of genetic mutations, one for blood clotting disorders, and one that predisposes me for diabetes.  I do not have diabetes or PCOS, but the doctor who tested me recommended a low dose of Metformin in the next cycle as well as a baby aspirin.  I am ok with the baby aspirin, as I have taken this through all of my previous cycles,  I am just wondering about takin Metformin.  Anyone have any experience with this, especially those without PCOS?  Has it worked/not worked?  Did you take it throughout pregnancy?  Is it safe? 
We are beginning to pursue adoption now, but are planning to do a final IUI in a couple of months (waiting due to husband’s surgery).  I don’t think I can endure another IVF cycle, but am willing to do an IUI.  Just not sure about taking Metformin.  Any input would be great!


Here’s my thinking:  if you are genetically predisposed to diabetes, that may mean that your cells are already insulin resistant, even if the symptoms have not shown up yet.  Insulin resistance can be a cause of infertility.  Metformin treats Insulin resistance. 
I have taken metformin and I do have pcos.  I did not notice any changes or side effects.  I did not lose or gain weight.  It did not make me sick to my stomach, which can be a side effect.  It did not help me get pregnant.  I don’t see that taking it can do any harm.

Posted by housefrau on Mar 30, 2013 at 10:03pm

Hi—I take metformin. I have some signs of PCOS but not others, so doctors disagree on my diagnosis. :- / In any case, I have warning signs of insulin resistance, so I take the metformin, and it has helped with my blood sugar numbers. Wish I could say that I lost weight, but alas! I can tolerate up to 1500 mg, but 2000 makes me sick to my stomach. Your low dose hopefully wouldn’t bother you. smile  Good luck!

Posted by Celestial_one on Mar 31, 2013 at 1:46am

Metformin has so many benefits that yes, do it, not just infertility, but also preventing or treating diabetes, weight loss, ect… no side effects to a baby, etc… however it may give you a stomach ache or diarreah for a week, but will go away quickly. It takes the body a week or two to adjust and the first few days you will go to the bathroom a lot. Benefits are worth it if you stick with it.  Also try and go gluten and dairy free at least for 30 days if you can… or longer… I have been doing that have in 9 months am down 50 lbs and dispite the doctors telling em that with my husbands sperm condition we can not concieve, we just found out we are pregant a few days ago. Not sure at this point if this one will make it, but I attribute it to the Janument, which has the metformin in it as well as my diet change and his (he is down 70 lbs). Best of luck.

Posted by Private And Foster Mom on Mar 31, 2013 at 3:43am

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