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Looking for agencies in Connecticut

I’m feeling really overwhelmed with choosing an agency, especially after IAC went bankrupt last year (we were just about to send our application and deposit when that happened!).

Does anyone have experience with agencies in the Connecticut area? I’ve considered Adoptions from the Heart (multiple states) and Spence-Chapin (NYC), but I can’t find many positive reviews of either place. It seems I find 1 or 2 good reviews, and 1 or 2 bad ones for each and that’s it.

Would love to hear from people who may have recently gone through the agency search in NY or CT, or anyone with feedback on Spence Chapin or Adoptions from the Heart.



Hello, good luck with your journey!! We used spence chapin and adopted our daughter in 2013. I thought at that point they were moving to get out of the infant adoption world. We didn’t have a good experience then, but I think it was mostly related to all of their internal changes at that time (several social workders, confusion with paperwork, lack of good communication). I’ve heard about 2 good international adoptions from another family. You have to get a good feeling from them when you meet to discuss the process. We used an attorney in NJ for our 2nd. Similar spend, so it may be another option if allowed in CT. Glad to answer any other questions.

Posted by Bella228 on Feb 06, 2018 at 7:23pm

Hi,  I adopted my daughter from Adoptions from the Heart, Pennsyvlania, in 2012.  My experience with them was a very good one.  I loved my social worker.  She was always very responsive to me.

I agree with the previous poster that it has to feel right for you to move forward with an agency.  I spoke to many agencies and went to various orientations before I decided on an agency.

If you have specific questions, please fell free to send me a message privately.

Good luck on your journey!


Posted by Jean Marie on Feb 06, 2018 at 9:42pm

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