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Korean referral on hold

Hi everybody.  My husband Dave and I finished our adoption paperwork in August 2010 and we finally got our referral last wednesday July 20th.  We were so excited and thrilled and loved him the momemnt we saw his picture however, we just got a call from our socail worker yesterday and she said that theres been a hold put on our child.  She has no idea why or what’s going on.  Has anybody had this happen?  We are so distraught and torn up, this is really hard waiting for Koreas response.  Our social worker had e-mailed Korea but hasn’t heard anything back.  Any information as to why this is happening would be appreciated :-(


you can pm me, i have alot of info on this. korea isn’t giving any more visas out for 2011, meaning no more children can leave the country. in 2012 they will give out more visas, but only a limited amount and there may be hundreds in front of you. korea is closing to international adoption in july of 2012. we just went thru this, had our bags packed to leave any day, then got an email saying our son wouldn’t be receiving a visa. i would contact an adoption lawyer just to get the truth, our agency never told us there was a quota and promised korea wasn’t closing. i’m very sorry, and i’m not saying your son may not come home, but you need to be prepared that he may not. i’m so sorry

Posted by sassafras on Jul 26, 2011 at 10:17pm

Thanks for your response… Well we were originally told that we wouldn’t be able to get our son till Feb. 2011, we understand that the us has run out of visas…they are saying that the referral is put on “hold”, my social worker said that it may mean that the mother wants him back but he is already 10 months old…this is so stressful. She said sometimes it can mean a health problem but we were told he is perfectly healthy!

Posted by Trisha on Jul 26, 2011 at 10:23pm

the US hasn’t run out of visas, korea will only give a certain number of visas for children to leave the country and every year that number is decreased. in 2012 the number will be even smaller, if they only give out 500 visas and 600 children are on the list, the 100 that don’t get visas move to the next year. BUT there isn’t going to be a next year b/c they are closing in july of 2012.

Posted by sassafras on Jul 27, 2011 at 12:06am

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