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Introducing A New Bio Sibling

Hi, we are soon traveling to visit with our 6 year old son’s birth mom and kids. We have always had a very open adoption and try to see one another every 18 months or so. Since our last visit BM has had another baby (3 older than our guy, now 1 younger).

We have told him about the new baby, but not certain how much he understands that he is also a sibling. And we expect that this may be harder for him to accept (that he was placed for adoption but new baby was not) because she felt she was unable to care for another baby as a single mom.

One note: dad of new baby had been in the picture for a while but is now also gone.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated on how to broach this subject.


We have almost the same situation, though our son has never met his birth family. The parents are still together; they had two children then placed our son. When he was two they had another child. It was extremely hard for us at the time, and even harder to think of explaining it to him one day.

Posted by gahopeful on Jan 26, 2019 at 2:31pm

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