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Independent Adoption - new outreach strategies?

Hi all,

My husband and I have been officially / actively looking for an independent adoption match for over a year, mainly using online tools to put the word out. We have a website, and for the first 5 months last year we had a regular flow of inquiries - texts, calls, emails - from women who wanted to know more about us. We took our ads down for a few months because we thought we had a match, but that ended in disappointment in September. Wishing we hadn’t taken it down until it was official… but that is one of many regrets.

Since turning on our Google ads for our site again, which I regularly update but haven’t changed significantly, we’ve had just one inquiry in the past 2 months. A big change for us - even the blatant spammers are barely trying us now! We are paying someone to manage our Google ad account who told us Google recently changed their algorithm and he is trying to improve our click through rate - but it hasn’t worked so far. Has this been affecting anyone else? Previously, we felt like Google ads were working well enough that we didn’t really need to do much else. So now we are considering what other strategies we should be trying. 

We have profiles up on Adoptimist, Adopting, and America Adopts. We’ve had the most traction from Adoptimist although again, not recently.

We’ve told our family and friends about our hopes, and have a small army of people out there keeping ears to the ground.

We’re not sure how to create a clean Facebook page that doesn’t link back to our profiles, so we haven’t done that. Has anyone else done this or know where to look for tips on this?

And I’m considering some old school options - Craigslist, pennysavers, etc. - but I feel like those probably aren’t very effective at this point.

I’d welcome any tips that have worked for you, someone you know, or even that one story you heard from your hairdresser about her cousin’s best friend who adopted.

Good luck to all of you too… this process requires a lot of patience, endurance, and strength, and today I’m just feeling pretty short on all three.



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