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How long?

We’ve been on the registry at the MOJ for almost 2 years. Has anyone received a referral recently?


We are adopting from Bulgaria and have been registered with MOJ for more than 24 months. We are waiting for a girl. Our age range is 0-7 and our special needs list is fairly open. I feel hopeful that we will receive a referral soon as we have seen an average wait of 23-27months with our agency this past year. It is longer than we anticipated and I can tell you that I have felt pretty discouraged in the last few months. It was hard going through our home study update yet again. The waiting can be really weary. Both my husband and I long to finally meet our daughter. We talked with our adoption agency recently and they encouraged us that it should be soon. It might be helpful to talk with your agency. Hopefully you will feel encouraged and that your child will soon be known to you as well. 💟

Posted by Magnoliaheart on Feb 06, 2017 at 5:30am


This does not really answer your request, but I thought I’d reply anyway in support.

Magnoliaheart, I am so sorry to hear of your long wait. How frustrating given that you are so open to special needs.I don’t suppose you are able to change agencies? I guess it must be encouraging to know you will soon be receiving a referral, and they do sound like a supportive agency from what you say.The frustrating thing is adoption is often long undermined waits (where one can’t exactly just relax) and then stressful rushes to move forward.

I adopted my daughter also with special needs, but a teen, from a rainbow child listing of waiting children. The agency listing her had an arrangement with BG MOJ that allowed for potential adoptive parents who met their requirements to put a child on hold for 6 months (after submission of initial required documents) pending home study and the rest of US and BGN documents. From the time I began the process,including the home study, till when she was home in late 2015 it was one super intense year.

What I would suggest to you both, is you get from your agency referrals of at least 5 people to contact who have adopted from BG and a child of your similar age and special needs range. Contact them all, you will get an endless amount of helpful info. Line up post placement support services in your community thru church or adoption agencies, etc. Even volunteer with some of the programs hosting children from European or latin american countries…you will learn so much and build a support network that you will need.

Good luck to you.Hope you soon receive a referral of the child who needs a home.

Posted by Happy Camper on Feb 06, 2017 at 4:02pm

There are very, very few young children who are healthy or who have relatively minor special needs available for international adoption from Bulgaria.  Some agencies are saying that the wait for such a child can be up to three years; on one agency website, it projects a wait of 3-4 years. Because Americans typically want to adopt girls, referrals may come a little more quickly for families open to adopting a boy.

Wait times can be shorter for families adopting sibling groups (NOT infant/toddler twins), older school aged children (as in most countries, boys age 10 or older are considered very hard to place), or children with rather significant special needs.

You might want to talk with your agency about the possibility of speeding up a referral by making some changes in the type of child you request.  As an example, you might find that you can get a child under seven sooner, if you agree to accept a boy.  Or you might see if there is a health issue that appears frequently on the MOJ list of adoptable children, but that was not on your list of conditions you initially said you would accept, and check with your physician to see whether you could parent a child with that sort of special need.


Posted by sak9645 on Feb 07, 2017 at 8:52pm

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