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Hello Fellow Floridians

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been looking for an online group for adoptive parents that is actually active. Looks like there’s quite a few posts here, so I’m looking forward to joining the group.

I’m a single woman who lives with her BF. I’m planning to adopt an infant as a single parent.

Currently I’m working on my adoption profile. It’s been interesting as I’m adopting as a single even though my child will end up being raised by me and my bf. Striking that balance has been a bit challenging.

BTW, Am I the only one who created a checklist of things to do for pre-match and after match?



We are an adoptive family in Florida.  We adopted through an attorney, Hausmann and Hickman, domestic infant, our youngest came home almost 5 years ago.  I wish I could say that I do not remember the application/profile book/home study phase.  When people ask me what that was like, I tell them imagine applying for your dream job, your dream school, and a mortgage in one process, agree to multiple background checks, and then, just to make it interesting, summarize your life into a photobook and one page letter!

If I could have done anything differently, it would have been to spend more time researching adoption professionals.  They are not all the same; we started with an agency that had numerous issues, and just lucked into our attorney, who was ethical and supportive with expectant moms, and upfront and candid with us.  Of course, that delay is what led us to our oldest, and we have our younger two because of our oldest… it is a long story.

The other thing I always tell prospective adoptive parents is to decide what adoption route you are interested in, and then think long and hard about what match will work best for your family.  I have seen some people balk at this, but it is truly unfair to the child/children to accept a match that your family cannot handle. 

I love your checklist idea, good for you!  In general, our experience with adoption was that very little was under our control, which was, frankly, the best preparation for parenting we could have had… 

Best of luck on your journey and keep us posted!  I do know of some adoptive groups that meet in person in the Orlando area, but other than that I only know of on-line forums.

Posted by jszmom on Aug 20, 2017 at 7:54pm

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