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Has anyone adopted a newborn and flown back with baby?


I’m trying to just brainstorm the easiest way to travel with a newborn if my out of state upcoming adoption really takes place soon.  I’ll be having help for the ride back so a second pair of hands.  Just wanting to know if anyone has done this and what you think is the best way and why.  Thanks.


Yes, I came back with my son from this summer. If I didn’t fly I’d be driving for several days and my little guy was very fussy- I knew he wouldn’t do well in the car. You are lucky to have someone coming along; I was by myself. I was very nervous but it turned out great because newborns sleep a lot. My son slept through both plane rides that took us home. I think the vibration from the engines also helped. Just make sure you have bottles ready to go (the hospital gave me pre-made bottles that you attach the nipples so keep a few for the plane) or something else to suck on for descent and ascent and change him right before the plane. Good luck with your upcoming adoption!

Posted by tanyalin on Oct 09, 2011 at 11:08pm

Hi.  I flew home with my 8 day old daughter last year…it was a 4.5 hr flight (United) with a 2 hour weather delay.  She was amazing…slept the entire time.  I did bring a bottle which I fed her before takeoff.  I also brought a pacifier at my pediatrician’s recommendation (I introduced it a few days before the flight) so she could use it for takeoff and landing, if needed.  I will admit I was so nervous for the airport/flight and it turned out to be so easy. Just make sure the baby is warm enough (flights can be cold regardless of season) and try to prevent anyone from touching her. I kept my daughter so protected, I think we were 3 hours into the flight before anyone realized I was holding a baby! Looking back, it was an amazing time…we were headed home!
Best of luck to you.

Posted by Gigi M. on Oct 10, 2011 at 11:03am

It is a great bonding time for you and the baby…all you will want to do is stare at the baby anyway…I found flying easier when I was newly acquainted with the baby…no visual if you are driving and you will worry.  You may not need an other person if you fly…the flight attendants were more than happy to hold my baby while I used the restroom and they had the stroller ready when I left.  Don’t take too much carry on…2 bottles, burp cloth, 2 diapers, wipes, a changing pad…a change of simple clothes and a blanket.  The baby hardly knows what is going on…I used a k’tan baby carrier.  Be sure to find out the regulations on amount of formula you can bring in liquid form.  Also ask for the bulk head area…works great on longer flights to change the baby…although the area the flight attendants sat in during take off and landing is where the attendants told me to change her…they wanted to see her.  Take care and enjoy!

Posted by BeMommyFor4 on Oct 10, 2011 at 11:50am

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