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Fostering to Adoption - rookie in need of help

I’ve been a foster carer for number of years and am looking to adopt, this is an international question as I am currently living in the UK.

I’ve only ever worked with Lorimer Fosterig and they are fantastic but their predominant focus is fostering (obviously).

Does anybody have any recommendations for private adoption agencies - I don’t mind widening my search internationally.

I just find that people who have been through the same experiences can be of better assistance than a simple search engine!


Revterence0: you’ve posted your comments to this list at least once before. There’s no need to repost, as those interested in what you have to say will find your information.

Aporter910: I don’t know if any of us on this list can help you as, from what I read, we’re mostly in the US and are adopting from U.S. state or adoption agencies. I might direct your question to the fostering agency you’ve been working with. Maybe they have some ideas.

Posted by lachicuela on Apr 26, 2017 at 3:45pm

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