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Hello, I’m in the process of a private domestic newborn adoption and wonder if anyone has any feedback on print ads.  I’ve been advertising since October mostly online through FB and sites like Adoptimist.  I only did print ads once in February and did not receive a single call.  I felt like I just blew $1000 so easily and then was discouraged from trying print ads again.  My lawyer thinks I should try again.  Does anyone have any feedback on print ads in general and then more specifically what you did (for example, did you do a blast across a state in mostly weekly papers)?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I’m so afraid I will just be throwing my money away again.



This is a comment I posted to someone else 3 years ago:

“Google Ads worked for us. You put in keywords so if someone searches the words you choose, your ad will show. You only pay if they click your link. You can set a maximum to pay each day. Biggest thing is making sure you use the “negative keywords” so if their search is for some kind of animal/pet adoption, your ad doesn’t show. Many clicks were from other people looking to adopt as well, but it’s not really possible to prevent them. I didn’t like paying for clicks that didn’t matter, but most of the contacts we received were from Google Ads, including the one that mattered most.

In 5 months, our ad was shown over 300,000 times and we got 1200 clicks costing us $1550 averaging $1.29 per click. We could’ve saved some click$ by having more negative keywords in there from the beginning, but who knew someone would search for a virtual pet adoption and click our ad.”

Posted by JimGL33 on Apr 24, 2017 at 7:44pm


Posted by Maryam on Apr 25, 2017 at 6:08am

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