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Feedback on print ads

Hello, I’m in the process of a private domestic newborn adoption and wonder if anyone has any feedback on print ads.  I’ve been advertising since October mostly online through FB and sites like Adoptimist.  I only did print ads once in February and did not receive a single call.  I felt like I just blew $1000 so easily and then was discouraged from trying print ads again.  My lawyer thinks I should try again.  Does anyone have any feedback on print ads in general and then more specifically what you did (for example, did you do a blast across a state in mostly weekly papers)?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I’m so afraid I will just be throwing my money away again. 



Hello, newspaper, print, who buys a paper copy of a magazine or newspaper when you can read it on your phone or tablet.  Newspapers subscriptions are at an all time low and so are paper magazine and print sales.  Why do you think everyone is going to digital advertising?  Your target demographic is typically in a younger population group and they are very technology dependent and therefore don’t buy magazines and newspapers.  However, advertising is only so good as your “targeting strategies”.  We self-matched with our daughter in 10 days using these targeting methods I’m talking about.  Unfortunately, many think that simply “boosting” a post is advertising, when really it’s not very targeted or very affective.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Posted by Adoption Hopes on Jan 27, 2018 at 4:17am

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