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D's special needs,and bm in denial

I’m birdsnest I just forgot my password lol. Lol update….So my recently turned 5yo has a myriad of issues adhd,oppositional defiance disorders and some others (from drugs)we will just call alphabet soup,with all d’s special needs my home life sometimes feels like a struggle.ODD especially makes things hard,then you add explosive disorder well you get the picture. All this equals one tired mommy,hundred percent devoted to her hubs n son but no energy left for grown peoples bullcrap,ain’t nobody got time for that. Well so,bm is drama on any given day! So I tell her she can talk to my d’s on the phone for first time ever, and she proceeds to run down n call his GMA,aunt,uncles,n cousin every vile name in the 5min I let him have the phone!Wtf!I mean I get quilted n shamed for not being more open by everyone then I give in just a little n she takes a dump on all my efforts!So pissed!So I tell her not to do that n she blows up on me!That’s crappy! So I tell her if she can’t be respectful to pplss boundaries or get along with anyone- that’s why she’s not at get togethers n to stop blaming me bc she isn’t nice n ppl dont invite her because of it. She definitely won’t be wlcm here if she can’t be appropriate on the phone for 5 dang minutes with my kid! I don’t have him around that stuff and frankly I got enuf real problems to worry about! Serously’! So that she can’t ever say I don’t let her see him I told her when she’s ready to not be innapropriate she has my number n if she wants we can meet somewhere but that I wont listen to her negativity or have it around my toddler, she says well since you don’t want the new drug addicted baby that’s otw,after all I know there’s nothing really wrong with your son your just making up that he’s special needs!, she said then I can’t be bothered you just want to get on my case. Fine with me but let it not be said I didn’t bent over backwards trying to keep it open,sigh? Thanx for letting me vent…Ps.Anyone wantin to shame me don’t waste ur breath she a flaky, bipolar druggie, that has kids like a pet dispenser n does t care-!!


No shame here Sister. I also have zero tolerance for baby mama (my cousin) or baby daddy drama. I cut those ties a long time ago and I feel freed. Sure, I heard lots of parents who say this is wrong to end contact with drugged out crazy bio parents but oh well, I’ll just pray about it. When you start feeling guilty, just remember what caused the alphabet soup and chuck those feelings in the f-it bucket. Merry Christmas!

Posted by AzureNC on Dec 13, 2017 at 8:04pm

Hahah I luv the f-it bucket! Lolol Thanku:) Truth is I never have liked ppl who bring drama and make everything about them. Bm is angry bc I told her I didn’t want to adopt her new baby otw because my son Needs all of me to coach him on his impulses and love him n let him know he’s ok.He also has PICA which basically means he wants to literally eat wood, rocks, glass, he doesn’t nap n wails if he can’t see me, and I can’t do another special needs baby, so her answer is well u just are exaggerating imagining things wtf! Really! Most of my family don’t invite her over n she blames me for that n I just had to shutitdown I’m not takin blame for your ways of driving ppl away n only calling them when u want somethin bm! She doesn’t like the fact she caused all his problems I guess. I by turns luv and resent her for all of it. But I have to protect my son. Thanx for letting me vent I feel better:) Merry Christmas👍🏻

Posted by birdseye on Dec 13, 2017 at 8:53pm

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