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DNA Testing?

Hello, our 8- year-old daughter’s adoption is closed and we just did DNA kits. She knows that we will eventually look for birth family with this information but for now we are all just seeing where our ancestors were from. She is happy to have just this information and says that she is not ready to look for birth family yet.  Just wondering if anyone has gone this route to find birth family members?


We haven’t sought out people, but we had someone reach out to us.

We did DNA testing for our 5-year-old to find out about ancestry and genetic health. We kept his identity confidential for his safety but we were contacted by the adoptive mother of a distant genetic cousin who was also adopted under similar circumstances (TPRs due to neglect/endangerment/drug exposure) and was seeking information about the birth father.

I shared what I knew, which is really nothing since we don’t know for sure who our son’s birth father is, but it was good to know that in future, both of these little innocent ones may be able to connect some dots in their genetic tree even though in both cases, it’s currently too dangerous for either of them to have any contact with their birth families.

Posted by RepeatedHistory on Jan 11, 2019 at 7:33pm

why not right now?  the sooner the better right?  what would be your reason for not facilitating contact between them?  That’s their only known ffamily!  It was super smart of you to do the DNA test!  Seems sort of ridiculous not to help them get together and hopefully find the remainder of their family.  It’s so sad that they’ll never be able to connect with their own family unless the people that adopted them help them.  You are off to a good start at least.

Posted by girlengineer on Jun 09, 2019 at 7:27pm

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