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Has anyone used Chosen Child Adoption Services? It looks like they are a referral service that also helps with portfolio books. I cannot find any reviews. Their fees are really low, which is making me raise an eyebrow. Thanks!


Have you read their Birth Parents page?  Eeew.

They obviously are selling adoption to *expectant* mothers (whom they shouldn’t be calling birthmothers, as they have not given birth). They assume that adoption is the best (“selfless”) option and do not provide alternatives.

Posted by rredhead on Nov 30, 2018 at 3:07am

That’s not them. The website I’m looking at is:

I got a few questions answered about their referral services this morning, from the contact person, but I’m still hoping I can find someone to give me a review. It still seems weird because the registration/application fee is super low and they do not have a match fee. They say they work with a lot of churches and crisis pregnancy centers. Which, maybe this is all really good stuff? It just seem typical, which makes me feel like I need more information on them.

Posted by Dntmartin on Nov 30, 2018 at 9:56pm

Aside from if they actually do anything for you other than help you put together a profile that is supposed to appeal to “birth mothers,” if this groups works with churches and pregnancy crisis centers, it is pushing a pro-adoption agenda on expectant mothers in crisis.
“Crisis pregnancy centers” are notorious for portraying themselves as helping women in crisis but having an agenda in which they do not give women information on all their options, much less help, but use high-pressure tactics (and sometimes even delay appointments until termination is not an option) to encourage (some would say phsycologically coerce) distressed women to continue pregnancy to term in order to surrender their children.
Not going to debate termination here, just pointing out that these centers have an agenda, and if you’re okay with that, then you’re OK with that.
And if you are okay with that, then you have to think about an organization that when I checked the link had two, count them two, possible placements, and nothing that says they would match you.

Posted by NoraT on Dec 02, 2018 at 6:59pm

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