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CCAI and waiting child questions

Looking for information on CCAI-they are at the top of our list.  Also, tackling the special needs list -I’ve been researching the medical needs-not sure if I’m scared or over thinking things at this point.  We are considering mild/correctable needs (which is different for everyone).  For those that have been down this road I would love to hear about your experiences and how you made the decision on certain conditions.  Originally I had CL/CP but after further research and talking with others we have decided against it.  I am currently researching club foot -anyone have any words of wisdom?  Our hope if for a girl AYAP—-like most!


We went the special needs route. At the end of the day we relied heavily on the opinions of the 2 doctors we used to review the child’s medical records. As time went on we got more and more nervous with the scary medical terms and were not sure we could handle a special needs child. In our case we feel like the diagnosis of cerebral hemorage was incorrect. We heard alot about the Chinese medical records being sort of shotty. We got lucky and have a heathy 2 year old girl that we brought home from China in June. No signs of the diagnosis so the doctors gut feeling was correct! Dont get me wrong, it was a very stressful time but with the advice from the Dr.s and our own gut feeling as well, we knew that she was our baby. I hope that helps! We used a local agency on the east coast.

Posted by Hopefultobe3 on Oct 24, 2012 at 8:44pm

Like anything else, it’s a cr*p shoot. We did go with clefting and after we got past the first couple of big surgeries it’s mostly about speech therapy and brow beating the school district into services. Our dd will start orthodontistry to prep for the bone graft soon, but the graft itself is 1-2 years out. But..there are also kids who have almost no intelligability after years of speech, multiple surgeries to close the palate, associated syndromes - and you won’t really know until they get home to a good cleft team. We thought about club foot - and there are good therapy’s and processes to help that- but there are also kids with extensive amniotic banding that indicates other issues, misdiagnosis of more severe conditions. From the special needs parents I know, limb difference is often the easiest need, some kids will get a prosthetic, others just deal with the condition. I imagine that becomes more difficult when they get to dating age. Hep B can often just require yearly blood monitoring.

Posted by jwpines on Oct 24, 2012 at 8:51pm

There are A LOT of easier SN’s…..........I’d encourage you to check out FB groups about SN’s.  Our dd’s cl/cp is easy…......but I know that isn’t always the case.

CCAI is one of the top agencies in China.

Posted by beterri on Oct 24, 2012 at 9:07pm

I’m also a CCAI client just starting the s/n process…my hunch can list some things but then its all in God’s hands…I hear a lot of people just finding their child and not expecting the need but it being just right for their family;)

Posted by Ginarob83 on Mar 08, 2013 at 5:56am

Try looking at the stories on the blog about special needs from China,   Lots of parents with lots of needs, lots of family stories. We have a heart baby with some other differences as well. I would say not to let the idea of a syndrome scare you. YES, some syndromes are scary and may not be for you. Some were not for us! But, for example, with a heart baby, because it is a midline defect, often other things that are developing at the same time may have defects. Like ears. Often our kids have an ear difference- could be hearing loss (partial or total) or the shape of the ear. Yes, this could indicate a syndrome. And our daughter has one. But, it is not life threatening or shortening and it is really just a collection of symptoms. For her, they don’t impact her daily life although she will have a future surgery to fix some of it. but, each family has to do their own research and what may feel too much for one family may be easy enough for another.
Recently, I read of a family who has adopted multiple kids with HIV. They say it is a nobrainer b/c the kids are raised in really good foster homes, usually Western, so may speak English, have fewer attachment needs than some of their other kids, and have undetectable viral loads. Well medicated, the idea is that these children will have normal lifespans and can even have HIV negative children. So, for them, this was an “easy” need.
I highly recommend the Yahoo groups for specific needs. There is one for hearts and CL/CP and I am sure others. Parents who have been there, done that and very helpful. Good luck!

Posted by chinatimes2 on Mar 16, 2013 at 12:28am

I cannot say enough good things about CCAI.  They are amazing.  They have a pediatrician in Colorado that adopted from China (who is fantastic) and he helps with understanding and assessing the SN kids.

Posted by Lotsofkidslotsofways on Jan 18, 2014 at 3:08am

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