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Bm wants a visit but she's not appropriate....

Despite my better judgement I have talked to bm.(She is a bipolar drug addict)I tell her about ds n ask how her two kids are.Well this worked for a little while keeping it brief.Then she got on my messenger messaging n randomly calling n started Tryin to start arguments with me n whole family n my toddler overheard some of it.Well I’m livid about that right now! Also it reiterates to me she’s just innapropriate to meet up with if she can’t control herself for 5 dang minutes! I mean really!.She is mad her biofam won’t do holidays with her of which I have absolutely no control.sigh.I know she has mental illness but how hard is it to understand we don’t discuss grown-up things round a 4yo!smh!It’s so frustrating!! I truly just wanna say,So bm,yoube proven you can’t act right in a short call but you think I’m gonna expose my kid to you in public where I’m stuck with whatever you say n however you n ur idiot man acts,ummm noo!!!Grrr!! And while we’re on the subject my kid is special needs and a hand full at all times,adhd,spd,ied,odd,n ocd,Because of your lifestyle so since you don’t like to hear the truth about ur actions I really don’t think u wanna see him or could handle what he goes thru on a daily basis,anyway!!!


Do what you think is best, you’re the mom.

Posted by C3 on Aug 24, 2017 at 2:18am

Yeah I just needed to vent.I have once again blocked her for my has my hubs number but doesn’t use so mad!I did tell her i didnt appreciate her drama this time too.If I get past this I’ve got half a mind to take n let him visit somewhere just so she can see how much she screwed him over.She will probably leave in thirty minutes,just like she did when he was a baby,or sooner bc she can’t handle it.Because I want her to know what she did!He has all these disorders n possibly autistic bc of her choosing drugs,n she hasn’t changed,her daughter was born addicted n nearly died in the nicu!!Makes me sick!!

Posted by birds nest on Aug 24, 2017 at 2:33am

I don’t let the bio parents visit either. They are both nuts and I create a stress free safe environment for my kids. Doesn’t bother me one bit, I sleep just fine. My family used to try and guilt me into letting my drugged out cousin see the kids, but I stuck to my guns and now no one mentions it anymore. She is never sober. I sometimes take some flack from other adoptive Moms about that decision, but I like my kids living in a protective bubble until they are older and I have to give them the hard truths. Blessings!

Posted by AzureNC on Aug 24, 2017 at 1:04pm

You won’t catch any flack from me I totally get it! I feel like bm is always playing the victim n just so tired of Dealin with it.Incidently,I have never told her she flat out couldn’t see him just let her know,she has be sober n appropriate,she hasn’t chosen to do that for yrs. My address,email,or number hasn’t changed,i never have even one of hers.So I think the facts will speak for themselves when he’s older.

Posted by birds nest on Sep 15, 2017 at 5:46pm

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