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Balls in her court!!!

So bm told my mom n others some cockamamie reason I won’t let her visit,about bf.Ummm no im angry with You Bm,because you got my 4yo on the phone n started talking hateful about his gma and everyone he luvs!!!!It just irks me!Setting that aside….I try to think of how d’s will feel when he gets older.Like will it matter that she falls off the planet n disappears for years n then pops up,that I have no address or phone number for her,that she’s a bipolar drug addict n very unstable.I don’t wanna give her anything she can twist the truth with later! So I sent her fb msg sayin if she agreed we don’t run ppl down or talk bout grown-up stuff,and she still wants contact she can let me know her phone number n we will get together.So I did my part,it’s her move.If she wants,we will meet at a park or something briefly.Drugs are not welcome in my home.Period!I’m standing my ground there! That’s best I can do!I’m not gonna just jump when she says so,anymore!


Good for you.  My niece is our bipolar druggie.  She shows zero interest in girls then runs me down on FB saying I don’t give her enough access to the girls’ lives.  Here is what I give her, 2 visits per year where we pick her and only her up and take her to lunch.  She can call when she wants but doesn’t unless she is looking for a ride.  I have a private FB page for just her and I.  To do it I had to friend her then I set her to restricted but I can still view hers to see that she is now “engaged” to a drug dealer just getting out of jail and using his last name.  I post pictures and updates of the girls as long as she promised not to post them or share them.

Posted by C3 on Aug 29, 2017 at 1:51am

That’s a great plan C3! You are more than accommodating sounds like.Well bm is mad at me because I told her I’m not going to listen to her run everyone down,and I’m tired of her bull.That if she calls me we can talk appropriately,or not at all.I never stand-up for myself,but I did.I just told her no more talking bout grown-up things with my 4yo and quit blaming me for her bad choices n failed family relationships with others.Well,she can’t ever take any ownership for her behavior,falling off planet for several months then pops backup with demands.She doesn’t like me callin her on her bull,so her response was no thanx,I wasn’t doin anything wrong,poor me I’m pregnant again,how dare you speak truth etc.Honestly tho I’ve always done what I said I would so not my problem,and I’m lookilookin forward to ds bday coming and none of her drama.lolololol.true story!

Posted by birds nest on Sep 15, 2017 at 5:56pm

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