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American Adoptions, ANLC or AdoptHelp?

I’m just starting with the adoption process and I’m considering AA, ANLC & AdoptHelp. I hear good reviews about AA in regards to wait time but I hear it takes them a long time to get you activated because the profile video takes a couple of weeks to be edited and since the home study is valid for a year, it could delay things.
From ANLC I hear that they may leave you on your own when at the hospital and they can be hard to reach at that time for the transition.
AdoptHelp I hear is cheaper but don’t know much about them. Any information in regards to these agencies.?
Also, I’ll most likely be starting my home study with ALPHA adoptions..their fee seems pricey compared to other places and some of these agencies will still charge to review the home study anyways. Not sure if I should look into a less expensive home study. Any recommendations on where to get a less expensive home study. I’m in Southern California.
Thank you!


My husband and I used AdoptHelp to adopt our son and we were very pleased.  They have a large nationwide advertising budget, and that is a big plus when trying to match with an expectant mother.  We were gender-specific with fairly strict parameters regarding race and health, so we waited four years for a placement.  AdoptHelp was very frank about the long wait times for gender-specific families, so there was no surprise on our end.  Families that are not gender-specific have much shorter wait times on average. 

The AdoptHelp staff was fantastic.  They were accessible, honest, and responsive to our questions.  We visited their offices twice, and each time met with the executive director and case workers.  Our son’s mother appreciated her interaction with AdoptHelp case workers, and found them helpful and supportive.  We recently visited with her and she was still talking about how much she liked working with AdoptHelp. 

Our son was born in a state where AdoptHelp is not licensed, so they turned our case over to another agency that they partner with.  AdoptHelp remained in frequent contact with us to make sure that our case was progressing smoothly, and the one time that we did have a problem with the other agency, AdoptHelp immediately stepped in to resolve the situation to our satisfaction.

I have only good things to say about AdoptHelp and highly recommend them.

Posted by C&LofDC; on Jul 31, 2019 at 5:23pm

“From ANLC I hear that they may leave you on your own when at the hospital and they can be hard to reach at that time for the transition.
AdoptHelp I hear is cheaper but don’t know much about them. Any information in regards to these agencies.?”

This is why people who are not adopters have something to say, and of course I expect to be be silenced or dismissed. But have to say, when an HAP complains about being left alone at the hospital—where a woman is giving birth to HER child—it smacks of entitlement if not much worse. When a woman gives birth to her child potential adopters are not the most important people.
Also telling is asking for what is cheaper.
Next step I guess is “foster to adopt” because that’s cheaper and then complaints about how the kid you got cheaper must have RAD.

Posted by NoraT on Aug 19, 2019 at 4:42am

There is no cost to adopt through foster care whether the child is diagnosed with a psychological issue or not. The child could be a new born or 17 no charge. No charge related to sex, race etc.

Many children adopted internationally have serious issues and the adopting family paid a fee.

Foster to adopt sometimes results in placement of an infant who becomes eligible for adoption after family reunification plans are completed. That often takes years and there are no guarantees. There are children whose parental rights have been terminated in foster care you can adopt them without worrying about the plan changing. Seldom are they little ones.

There are costs of adoption through foster care they are just paid by the agency. If you go through a private agency the fee has to cover office rent, utilities, salaries etc.

Posted by Regina on Aug 20, 2019 at 8:46pm

Curious, I see a lot of comments about “cheaper” and “costs more ” .. what ARE the costs ? How much does ANLC charge to locate a child to adopt? We do not live i n California so would not hire them to do the legal.  What about Adopthelp ? Any idea what their fees are ? I have called both places and very hard to get a price quote out of them.

Posted by ashleyandjon2adopt on Dec 13, 2019 at 12:29am

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