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Akron General, Akron Ohio

As a gay couple adopting our first child, we cannot say enough good things about Akron General and our experience during the birth of our son.  We have waited for many years and tried many different avenues to start our family.  We tried private adoption, private networking out of state with an adoption attorney and finally working with a local agency.  We were matched with a birth mom on a Monday, and our son was born on Friday (just one week early).  We met our birth mom and her family for the first time at the hospital, along with the birth moms social worker.  (birth mom was young)  We spoke with family members in the lobby and then moved up to the birth/delivery room to meet birth mom.  We were welcomed into the room, treated respectfully by all staff and were able to stay in the room while our son was born.  One of us was given a band and birth mom was given other band in order to have child in both our rooms.  The baby traveled between both giving birth mom and us the time we needed for bonding with each other.  We had a private room along with another room for the birth mom and our baby was able to stay in the hospital with us for the 72 hr waiting period for birth mom to sign paperwork for adoption.  Birth mom was also allowed to stay through the time without having to leave the hospital before signing.  Although weekend social workers from the hospital were not very helpful to any of us, we were overall happy with their treatment of the adoption, along with the fact that we were a gay couple adopting in Ohio where only one of us can legally adopt at this time.  All the staff at nursery and on the maternity floor were awesome and totally welcoming to us as adoptive parents and as a gay couple.  Thank you to Akron General for giving our son an amazing start!


Congratulations!  So wonderful to hear you had such a great experience!

Posted by At Last on Jan 28, 2015 at 2:01am

So glad to hear you had a good experience and congratulations on becoming parents!  Our first hospital experience was truly horrible, so I always love to hear about when things go well!

Posted by jszmom on Jan 28, 2015 at 3:10pm

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