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I’m legally blind and we’ve had some negative experiences with a few agencies who were scared of my disability. Has anyone else had this happen?  What did you do?

Have you been turned down by an agency due to disability?

What are good agencies for adoptive parents who have disabilities?

BTW, if you adopted successfully, was your wait time longer than others without a disability?

About me: I work full time, volunteer with youth programs, and am a positive disability rights advocate.


I have cystic fibrosis, which is a terminal genetic disease, and was viewed rather negatively by some agencies.  The first few we contacted were very straightforward and honest, and said they could not support us adopting.  We finally found an agency that was fine with it, as long as I got a doctors letter certifying I was in good health and had a certain expected lifespan.  They were very supportive of us and helped with two adoptions.  I think you need to hunt around until you find the correct agency for your situation.  They are out there!!!!!  No, our wait time was not longer.  Our international adoption took 15 months, our domestic adoption took only a couple on months.  You probably will need to demonstrate to any agency that you are fully capable parenting.  Have reference letters available and be ready to answer questions about handling commonplace situations, since I can imagine in some, you would have to get creative if you are blind.  PS We used Lutheran Family Services, in VA.

Posted by sara on Jan 17, 2015 at 11:26pm

@Sara-does Lutheran Family Services work with adoptive parents in other states?
We’re having a problem finding an agency that will work with us. My husband was medically retired from the Marines due to injuries sustained overseas. Every agency that we talked to told us that we should not apply because we would not be approved. Our original plan was to adopt through the foster care system, but our local DSS told us the same thing—that we wouldn’t pass the medical and home study portion of the requirements. I know that is just our local DSS because friends of ours have similar medical issues, live in another state, and were approved as foster care parents. After speaking with a lawyer, he suggested that if we can’t find an agency to work with us, to look to do an independent adoption. So right now, we’re just hoping that someone gets ahold of our numbers and calls one day.

Posted by SemperFiFam on Jan 24, 2015 at 11:56am

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