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Adoptive Breastfeeding

Adoptive Breastfeeding Article

Did you see the feature article, Breastfeeding Without Birthing, in the recent Adoptive Families magazine?
It’s written by Alyssa Schnell, author of the new book, Breastfeeding Without Birthing: A Breastfeeding Guide for Mothers Through Adoption, Surrogacy, and Other Special Circumstances.
In the article, you’ll find information on why breastfeeding is “so much more than lactation,” common questions from adoptive mothers-to-be, how to find support from others (including professionals), latching, steps in making milk and much more.
There are also personal accounts from adoptive mothers about their breastfeeding experiences.

Did this article help answer your questions or calm your fears about adoptive breastfeeding?
Was there a topic which was not addressed?
If you’ve read this book, what did you think?
Could this be a good article to share with your loved ones who may question your decision to adoptive breastfeed?


I have this book. It is very good. I’ve been pumping and storing breastmilk for about 25 weeks now in preparation for our next adopted child. Unfortunately, we have had two placements fall through. The second was particularly difficult to accept because I breastfed the baby at the birthmother’s request. While a magical and wonderful moment for me, it was probably what made the placement fall apart. The birthmother wanted me to breastfeed so she would know her baby was going to be well cared for, but seeing me do it made her jealous and resentful from what she told me. I keep pumping and storing for the baby that is meant to be in our family. Our adopted daughter was bottle-fed, but I am very much looking forward to breastfeeding our second child. I hope that time comes soon! Best of luck to all on this journey! You can do it! Please feel free to ask me about my experiences thus far. I am happy to share.

Posted by YogaMomma on Jan 24, 2014 at 11:59pm

I’m so thrilled the article ran.  It’s a topic near and dear to my heart as I nursed my two adopted babies.  I haven’t read the book, because it came out after my kiddos had weaned, but I love reading the sidebar stories from people who have also been there and done that.

Posted by Thalas'shaya on Jan 28, 2014 at 8:26am

Any hints on how to help your milk come in?  I have breastfed my 3 bio children, but my youngest is 5!  I would really like to have this option for our adopted child!

I have been pumping and taking herbs with our result.

Posted by jess0312 on Aug 08, 2014 at 12:21am

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