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Adoptions Unlimited, Inc. & Home study in CA

Hi everyone!
We’re at very begging of stage and already overwhelming but if anyone can answer my question I really appreciate! 
- Is anyone use Agency Unlimited, Inc?
- Any recommendation to use licensed agency who can do home study for domestic adoption with speedy and reasonable price?



One option you might consider is using an adoption consultant (full disclosure, I am one). Consultants hold your hand through the process and guide you in such a way that typically leads to quicker adoptions by helping you with your profile and by signing up with multiple agencies with low up front fees.  Total adoption fees typically fall within $40-50k all in! If you want to learn more, PM me and I will let you know how to set that up.

-Rebecca G.

Posted by RGAdopt on Aug 06, 2018 at 6:43pm

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