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My autistic grandson is having a child with his girlfriend. He has high functioning autism. How I can tell him to give up his parental rights and let me adopt it?


Both parents would have to agree. Does she want to give up her rights?

How high functioning is he? Can he make legal decisions? Can he care for a baby?

If you think the baby would be in danger you can talk to a lawyer about removing his rights but if they can make it I doubt a court would do that without serious reasons.

Posted by Regina on Sep 10, 2019 at 1:18pm

You can’t. And there’s no reason you should. Autism in itself does not make a person incapable of caring for a child. It certainly does not make the person’s partner incapable of caring for her own biological child. Would a court take away the rights of parents because one of them had a physical disability?
Some people on the autism spectrum include Anthony Hopkins, Dan Akroyd, Temple Grandin, David Byrne, Tim Burton, Daryl Hannah—and on and on. Many accomplished people in the arts and many inventors see their autism not as a “defect,” but as a quirk of their creativity.
Plus, if you are the great-grandmother, what is the likelihood you would be around and in good shape to raise this child to adulthood? What if the child also has autism?

Posted by NoraT on Sep 12, 2019 at 4:25pm

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