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AF CIRCLE member is also a Young Adult Author!

Hi… I’m a frequent poster in other groups as a mom to seven kids, three by birth and four by adoption.  But I’m also an author of many novels for kids and teens, and so I thought I’d mention two of the books I’ve written that deal with themes of adoption.  BLACKTHORN WINTER and MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL feature teen detective Juliana, an American girl living in an English village.  She was adopted at age 5, and also has a brother adopted from Russia, and a sister who is her parents’ bio child.  Adoption themes (and Juliana’s earliest memories) play a part in the plot, but both books are mostly just creepy mysteries for middle grade and young adult readers.

In the first book, BLACKTHORN WINTER, American girl Juliana moves to a small English village, and solves a murder that also triggers long-forgotten memories of her own early years before her adoption.  In MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL Juliana, our teen sleuth, is getting to know her English bio-grandfather by working at his hotel when a mysterious death starts off a chain of events that link Juliana’s present with the past.  The theme of navigating between birth and adoptive families is a large part of both stories, and they should appeal to teens and their parents who enjoy mysteries.

Hope you and your older kids enjoy these books!  You can read more about them and my other work on Amazon, Facebook (Kathryn Reiss AUTHOR), and on my website:


This is way way too cool!!  I am a huge mystery reader and have turned 10 yo dd on to it.  I will definitely be looking for your books.  7 kids and an accomplished author…amazing!

Posted by mamallama on Sep 24, 2015 at 11:03am

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